How To Disable Mouse Acceleration (Windows and Mac)

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Intend to establish better-aiming abilities? After that find out how to disable mouse acceleration as it’s a massive foundation to developing your intending abilities.

If you have ever before looked inside controls alternatives in practically any kind of COMPUTER video game, then you have definitely seen an inconspicuous and also apparently unnecessary tick box somewhere in there one that had “mouse velocity” written next to it.

Yet what exactly is mouse acceleration? Can it assist or harm your performance in video games? Exactly how do you switch off computer mouse velocity in the os?

Mouse velocity is one of the recent additions to the Windows 10 features. The objective of this function is to enhance the computer mouse performance and also comes made it possible by default in the Windows 10 system. When enabled, the computer mouse acceleration function improves the efficiency of the mouse. The faster you move or roll the computer mouse, the much more it moves across the screen.

So, if you have a bigger desktop screen, the computer mouse acceleration can be useful. While this feature can be beneficial for larger displays, it can obtain inconvenient while playing games or when you are a visuals designer where precise movements are required, and also thus, disabling the computer mouse acceleration in your Windows 10 PC is a far better concept often. So. let’s see exactly how to turn off computer mouse acceleration.

Every one of those inquiries will certainly be addressed in this overview now.

What is Mouse Acceleration?

As the name indicates, computer mouse acceleration develops a direct correlation between the distance your cursor steps and the speed with which the actual computer mouse is relocated. In nonprofessional’s terms, the quicker you relocate the computer mouse, the much faster the cursor carries on the screen.


Mouse velocity is normally quite helpful for workplace jobs or just routine web surfing. Basically, it enables you to maximize the motion area that you have readily available.

You have most likely found yourself in the scenario where you had to lift your computer mouse, move it to the facility of the mouse pad and go on moving the arrow in the same direction since you simply do not have enough physical area to “cover” your whole screen.

This is a frequently occurring problem if you like a reduced level of sensitivity setups.

Currently, this is the precise type of situation that computer mouse velocity intends to prevent: the movement of the arrow can either be short and accurate or rapid and also zapping from one side of the screen to the other simply based on just how rapidly you’re moving the mouse.


Unfortunately, computer mouse acceleration can usually have a destructive result on your pc gaming experience, and also for numerous factors:

Movement inconsistency and lower accuracy

If you are playing any kind of shooter game, after that aiming precision can be severely influenced by computer mouse acceleration. Since there is a direct correlation between the speed with which you move the mouse and also the speed with which the electronic camera steps, high-tension situations that require fast responses will certainly result in your jerking the computer mouse with more force than typical well as, subsequently, likely missing your target.

Lack of muscle memory development

Muscle mass memory plays a crucial function in any job that requires accurate motion. It permits you to make these activities accurately and naturally, without needing to think about them.

Just how do you develop muscle memory for certain tasks? Merely, through repetition. Nevertheless, the irregular motion response produced by computer mouse acceleration does not permit you to develop muscle memory. Thus, disabling mouse acceleration can bring about much better, quicker, and also extra exact aiming in the long term.

How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Windows 10

Step 1

Go to the Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, and then Devices and Printers.

Control Panel

Step 2

Choose your mouse from the menu of devices.

Step 3

Click the Pointer Options tab in the Mouse Properties window.

Step 4

Uncheck the box next to Enhance pointer precision.

Step 5

Click Apply, then OK. You’re done!

Mouse Properties

Easily, mouse acceleration is disabled in Windows 10, and also you can enjoy exact and also straight mouse activities both on your desktop computer as well as in games.

To be on the risk-free side, see to it to constantly uncheck the mouse velocity box in every video game that you play.

How To Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac

Disable mouse acceleration with defaults.

  1. Press “Command-Space” to open Spotlight, type “Terminal” in the search box, and click “Terminal” to launch the utility.
  2. Type or paste the command“defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1” into the Terminal. Omit the quotation marks here and throughout.
  3. Press “Enter” to run the command and turn off mouse acceleration. Close the Terminal window.