Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse Review

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The Logitech MX Any Place 2S is a low-profile and travel-friendly mouse with an ambidextrous style that has two reprogrammable side switches on its left side. It really feels really strong, constructed out of a solid-feeling plastic with two rubber holds on each side. Its click latency and also CPI variety might not be good enough for competitive gamers, however it’s greater than low sufficient for internet surfing and also office jobs. Sadly, its small dimension is just made for a fingertip grasp and also it isn’t excellent for people with extra-large hands.

We purchased the Logitech MX Any Place 2S so our specialist reviewer might extensively test as well as assess it. Keep checking out for our complete item review.

The Logitech MX Anywhere TWO is a superb travel mouse that offers strong functional designs in a portable type aspect. It’s not mosting likely to blow you away inaccuracy or personalized functions, however, its battery life is incredible. Include in that its multiple-device choice and also cross-platform compatibility as well as it becomes a great mouse for specialists and company tourists.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Review

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse – Use On Any Surface, Hyper-Fast Scrolling, Rechargeable,...

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The Logitech MX Anyplace TWO is a very good choice for the workplace. Although it’s designed for a fingertip grip and it doesn’t have the very best ergonomics, almost all of its buttons can be remapped for your demands. Additionally, its scroll wheel has remarkable attributes that make working with long documents easier.

The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S is only okay for FPS gaming. Although its wireless, fingertip grasp design would benefit FPS games, its click latency could feel a little bit too unresponsive, as well as the arrow movements could not really feel extremely smooth.

The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S is a good MMO gaming mouse. The buddy software is very good, yet it just has 2 side buttons and also its comfort designs might not be the very best for long gaming sessions. It likewise has no RGB illumination.

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The Logitech MX Anyplace TWO is a typical mouse for ultra-light pc gaming. Although its wireless design implies no cable drag, it’s rather heavy for its size which isn’t ideal for ultra-light pc gaming. Its click latency may really feel a bit as well less competent, and its ballot price isn’t flexible.

The Logitech MX Anywhere TWO benefits traveling. It’s a little, low-profile computer mouse that shouldn’t take up many areas in a laptop bag, and also thanks to its wireless layout, you do not require to stress over a cable. Sadly, it does not have a compartment for its USB receiver, however, it does have Bluetooth assistance.

  • It works seamlessly across multiple devices
  • Works on nearly any surface
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Nowhere to store USB receiver
  • Somewhat expensive

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Style

The Logitech MX Any Place TWO is a little, inconspicuous mouse with a smooth style. It has a logo design on the back, yet it does not illuminate. Although the side switches are only on the left side, it has an ambidextrous design with geometric grips on both sides, so holding it needs to be comfortable whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Weight

This computer mouse is rather hefty for its little dimension, and however, there’s no weight optimization.

Maximum Weight With Wire: 125 g
Maximum Weight Without Wire: 106 g
Minimum Weight Without Wire: 106 g
Weight Distribution: Back-heavy
Extra Weights: No

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Build Quality

The Logitech MX Anyplace TWO mouse has great construct top quality. It’s made entirely out of solid plastic with good rubber grasps on each side, although they don’t feel as grippy as they should. The side switches feel a little mushy, however still fairly solid. There’s a little bit of rattle from within, and the scroll wheel totters, however, that’s most likely as a result of its wheel tilt attribute. The Logitech MX Anyplace 3 is the successor to this mouse, and it feels far better developed.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Comfort of Use

Due to its tiny size, the mouse’s functional designs are just all right. It’s created for a fingertip hold, although individuals with small hands could be able to utilize it with a claw grip. Also, the rubber structure on each side does not feel grippy adequate to stop it from slipping. On the advantage, the switches are well-placed as well as easy to reach. If you would certainly favor something with a right-slanted ergonomic form, look into the Logitech M720 Triathlon or the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705.

Right-handed: No
Left-handed: No
Ambidextrous: Yes
Coating: Matte
Finger Rest: No

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Versatility

This computer mouse has impressive wireless connectivity alternatives. It can be used using Bluetooth or with its cordless USB receiver. If your battery is reduced, you can continue to utilize it while it’s billing. Nonetheless, you can not use it with simply the cable plugged in if it isn’t additionally attached by means of Bluetooth or with the receiver.

Bluetooth: Yes
Receiver: Yes
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Use When Charging: Yes
On/Off Activation: Auto Off And On/Off Switch
Receiver Extender: No
Battery Indicator: Yes

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Sensor Specifications

The mouse’s laser sensor is slightly off-center, placed extra in the direction of the back. Unlike several contemporary mice, this one works with glass.

Sensor Technology: Laser
Sensor Model: Darkfield
Works On Glass: Yes
Minimum CPI (DPI): 200 CPI
Maximum CPI (DPI): 4,000 CPI
CPI (DPI) Adjustment Steps: 50 CPI
CPI (DPI) Variation: -8%
Minimum Lift-Off Distance: 2.4 mm
Maximum Polling Rate: 125 Hz

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Buttons

It has a common design with two side switches on its left side as well as a switch right listed below the scroll wheel that defaults as a motion button yet can be reprogrammed to another action, such as a middle-click or a CPI switch. You can reprogram every one of the switches with the exception of the left as well as appropriate click. Regrettably, there’s no other way to change accounts straight from the computer mouse.

Buttons Activation: Mechanical
Total Number Of Buttons: 8
Number Of Side Buttons: 2
Number Of Programmable Inputs: 5
Profile Switching Button: No
CPI (DPI) Switching Button: Yes
Gesture Support: Yes

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