Havit Hv-ms672 Ergonomic Wired Mouse

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The market offers a wide selection of high-tech virtual sport mice. Some are quite cheap, while others are cutting edge in terms of technology. Then I came across HAVIT, the company that produces some of the best items in the industry catering to individuals who enjoy designing as well.

HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI Wired Mouse, 4 Adjustable DPI Levels, 800/1200/2400/3200DPI, 7 Circular &...

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The HAVIT HV-MS672 Ergonomic Gaming Wired Mouse is one gorgeous thing that is a pure joy to look at. The mouse has an alluring appearance in a variety of hues and offers several sophisticated features to match the buyer’s needs. So, let us have a closer look at this device to see if it lives up to my expectations.


The cyber-sports mouse is a computer gadget with a look that draws attention to itself on your desktop. The device has an ergonomic design, which implies it’s ideal for people of various gripping styles and hand sizes. Furthermore, the product includes a high-quality blue/black braided cord, making the mouse more robust.

The exceptional device has 6 programmable buttons for maximum productivity in the game. The 5.1-ounce hefty mouse includes LED lights, adding to the product’s list of advantages. Furthermore, the item can endure up to 5 million clicks, demonstrating its longevity.


Now, let’s look at the components and the bright lights that entice us first. As a result of these LED lights, you may feel as though the device is ready to conquer the floor. The thrill comes from the fact that the lights change hues depending on your DPI settings. Prepare to adjust the color to correspond with each DPI value: Red (800DPI), Green (1200DPI), Blue (2400DPI), and Pink (3200DPI).

The system is connected to the mouse with a cable covered in an appealing blue or black cloth. The product has a DPI setting ranging from 800 to 3200. Even though you are caught in the game’s conclusion and wish to adjust the game’s DPI, all you have to do is push a button, and you will be fine!


Now, the product comes with a 16-month warranty, allowing you to return your money at any time. Furthermore, the anti-interference magnetic ring and gold-plated USB interface ensure high data transmission accuracy.

The tale continues on with the product’s usage being simple. Simply connect the device to your PC and it will begin functioning. The HAVIT mouse does not require any software, so goodbye to that complex program. Furthermore, the HAVIT mouse is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, Windows 7, 8, 10 Vista MAC OS Linux .


Interface type: USB

Key number: 6 keys

Resolution: 800-1200-2400-3200DPI

Cable length: 1700mm

Key life: 5,000,000

1 ounces heavy

7 different colors

Braided cable

  • Cheap merely 9.99$
  • DPI settings between 800 to 3200
  • Lights modifiable according to varying setting
  • Ergonomic design
  • Unique alien-like design is quite clicking
  • Simple plug n play, no need for software
  • Goes well with different OS
  • Braided cable
  • 6 Programmable buttons
  • The pattern might fade with time
  • No wireless option
  • Cannot set the light to be a solid color


My experience with the product was wonderful, and it has all of the features a new player could want. This one is definitely the right option if you enjoy the looks of it.

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