How to Connect a Logitech Mouse?

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In this post, we’ll show you how to connect a Logitech mouse to your PC, from pairing it via Bluetooth to using the Unifying software or Connection Utility software for connection.

If you have a Logitech mouse, then you know that it is a quality product. You may also be experiencing some connection problems with your mouse from time to time. If so, there are several things that you can do to ensure that your mouse will stay connected and work properly. 

How to Connect a Logitech MouseTo connect a Logitech Mouse with the best possible performance, users should first make sure their computer or laptop is up-to-date on all important updates for drivers and software-related components like USB ports. Even if your operating system (OS) comes equipped with its driver software for this type of device, it’s always good practice to check online for the latest version of these drivers before connecting any hardware devices because they are usually more up-to-date or convenient to use, depending on the specific issue.

How to Pair a Logitech Wireless Mouse With Your PC

Remove the Logitech mouse from its packaging and insert a battery into it. Always double-check that the batteries are inserted correctly, regardless of which way they came out. It’s easy to make this mistake if you’re not careful.

  1. The mouse is equipped with a tiny Bluetooth receiver. Place the USB receiver into one of your computer’s open USB ports, as shown above.
  2. The connection should go smoothly because your computer and the receiver are both using Bluetooth. Windows 10 displays a USB Receiver as a Wireless Receiver in the list of Bluetooth devices.How to Pair a Logitech Wireless Mouse With Your PC
  3. To turn on the mouse, slide the power switch on its body.
  4. Move the mouse around the screen to ensure that your mouse’s speed and sensitivity are adjusted to suit your needs.

Note: On some Logitech wireless mice, the base has a tiny Connect button. Switch it on once you’ve attached the transmitter to the USB receiver.


How to Pair a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse With Your PC

A wireless receiver is not included with a Bluetooth mouse. The procedure for connecting this sort of mouse to your Bluetooth-enabled PC is identical to that for pairing any other Bluetooth device.

Remove the battery from the Logitech Bluetooth mouse and insert it. On/off: Use the switch on the mouse to turn it on.

  1. To access the Settings page, open the Start menu and expand it. Alternatively, press Windows key + I to launch Settings with a keyboard shortcut.
  2. Select on Devices.How to Pair a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse With Your PC
  3. Go to the left pane and select Bluetooth & other devices. Select the “Plus” button next to Add Bluetooth or Other Device for further options. If necessary, turn on the Bluetooth switch.Add Bluetooth or other device
  4. Select the Bluetooth option in the Add a device window.Bluetooth Device
  5. Select the Logitech device you wish to connect to in the list of Bluetooth devices, then Pair. Windows automatically detects and downloads the necessary drivers for the mouse.

What to Know

Logitech wireless mouse: Connect the receiver to the PC’s USB port and switch on the mouse.

To pair a Bluetooth Logitech mouse, go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Pair.

A single Logitech mouse can be paired with one wireless receiver at a time, but there are workarounds using specialized hardware and software.

Can I Pair Logitech Mouse With Another Receiver?

One receiver can pair with one Logitech wireless mouse at a time. If you lose one of these tiny screws, you won’t be able to connect another Logitech wireless mouse to it. However, if you lose the original receiver, Logitech provides two workarounds.

Use the Logitech Unifying Software

Purchase a Logitech Unifying USB receiver. The dongle lets you connect up to six wireless devices to one receiver. Look for the orange Unifying logo on Logitech’s wireless devices.

How to Sync a Logitech Wireless Mouse With a Different Receiver

It is important to note that a transmitter can be paired with only one receiver at a time. As a result, if you connect it to a Logitech Unifying receiver, it will no longer work with its previous receiver.

Use the Logitech Connection Utility

The Logitech Connection Utility is a lightweight program that may be used to connect a Logitech mouse with another receiver. Switch the slider off and on to link the Logitech wireless mouse with a different receiver according to the simple on-screen directions.

The Logitech Connection Utility is a Windows-only program. It’s worth noting that it may not function with all Logitech mouse models.

Bluetooth vs. Wireless Mice

A wireless mouse is simply a Bluetooth mouse that uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the computer. However, they differ in how they link to the PC. A wireless mouse requires a separate receiver that connects to the USB port on the computer, whereas a Bluetooth mouse pair uses the computer’s built-in Bluetooth antenna.


How do I enable pairing mode on my mouse?

Locate the Bluetooth pairing button on your mouse, which is generally a toggle button on the bottom of the device. Before pairing with a compatible computer or another device, turn the switch on and ensure that the mouse is switched on.

Why won’t my Logitech mouse connect?

Make sure the device and Bluetooth pairing modes are on in your Bluetooth mouse. To see if this solves the problem, try restarting your computer’s and mouse’s Bluetooth connections. If you’re using a Unifying Receiver with Unifying Receiver Software that can’t locate your mouse, turn it off and back on again to restart the receiver connection procedure.