7 Best Gaming Mouse Under 10 Dollar 2022 Buying Guide

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When it comes to gaming, you do not necessarily have to have 15 different customization buttons on your best gaming mouse under 10.

Best Gaming Mouse Under 10

This is especially true for low-intensity and kids games. But a low-cost, budget mouse may even work for first-person shooter games, such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

For many games, a simple mouse with left and an ideal clicker and a scroll wheel will be perfectly enough to be able to do all required within the game. If you are into more complex games that require lots of different buttons and keys to be pressed on your computer keyboard and mouse, then having a variety of customization buttons on your mouse might be highly beneficial for you.

Simultaneously, if you’re one of the top 0.01% of players at a game and need every competitive advantage you can get, you’ll want to go to get a higher-end version. But for everyday, casual gaming, there’s no reason to break the bank!

Top 7 Best Gaming Mouse Under 10 Reviews

Second Best
VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic USB Optical Mouse Mice with Chroma RGB Backlit, 1200 to...*
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Redimp Wired Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons & LED Backlit Lights for PS4 PC Computer Laptop...*
VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic USB Optical Mouse Mice with Chroma RGB Backlit, 1200 to...*
Redimp Wired Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons & LED Backlit Lights for PS4 PC Computer Laptop...*
Second Best
VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic USB Optical Mouse Mice with Chroma RGB Backlit, 1200 to...*
VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic USB Optical Mouse Mice with Chroma RGB Backlit, 1200 to...*
Also Consider
Redimp Wired Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons & LED Backlit Lights for PS4 PC Computer Laptop...*
Redimp Wired Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons & LED Backlit Lights for PS4 PC Computer Laptop...*

So if you are still interested in buying the best cheap gaming mouse under $10, then this list is right for you! Obviously, you can stress over which mouse to buy, since you decide which one you think looks best and then determine exactly what features it has and then read a few of the reviews from customers and see what other people are saying on Amazon. Or you can allow me to handle all that and deliver the top 5 to your gaming mice under 10!

These will make great affordable gifts, stocking-stuffers, and workplace swap ideas. They seem like more expensive products and you merely spend Best Gaming Mouse Under 10, which will be freaking awesome!

HAVIT HV-MS672 Gaming Mouse

HAVIT HV-MS672 3200DPI Wired Mouse, 4 Adjustable DPI Levels, 800/1200/2400/3200DPI, 7 Circular &...

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The very first gaming mouse over our under $10 gaming mouse listing is your HAVIT HV-MS672! 1 perk of the mouse is the ergonomic design, which we learned is extremely important! It has a nice fit and feels natural in your hand for being really cheap.

This HAVIT HV-MS672 gaming mouse is also extremely popular, with over 5,000 customer reviews.

The mouse has seven different LED lights which change, dependent on your DPI, which can be fairly cool. You can even customize them to look precisely the way you want, leading to flexible designs with really cool LED effects.

You could also control the DPI involving 4 different settings of 800, 1200, 1600, or 2400. This mouse also has an ergonomic design and it’ll fit nicely and feel natural inside your hand.

There are also 6 different programmable buttons on the mouse so you can get more done when playing games.

The programming over the Havit is quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is plug it in your pc and it should work with no extra software, download drivers or drivers required.

You also receive a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty if you get this mouse on Amazon through Havit, but read more about this on the Amazon webpage if you’re interested in learning more.

VicTsing 6-Button Wired Gaming Mouse with Colorful LED Backlit


The VicTsing 6-Button gaming mouse is another Powerful affordable mouse under 10.

This is another popular gaming mouse by VicTsing. However, as with the majority of VicTsing goods, it receives the Plain Jane treatment in regards to its name.

The 6-Button Gaming Mouse is a great budget gaming mouse for less than $10. It’s 4 Flexible DPI degrees (3200,2400,1600,1000) and includes 6 programmable buttons, two of which are on the side for quick access.

There are not a million bells and whistles, but it clocks in with over 4.5+ typical reviews from satisfied gamers globally!

Many customer reviews agreed with the size on the VicTsing 6-Button mouse felt”medium” Its 6.4-ounce weight seems to back up that, making this a powerful pick to take a small amount of extra beating along the way. I am not saying gamer becomes salty and smashes their mice, but I know a few do!

1 common criticism I detected in the reviews was that the brief length of this mouse. In case you have a very long distance to pay from your hands to a USB port, I’d consider another gaming mouse.

VicTsing Backlit Gaming Mouse


If budget is your name of the game, the VicTsing Backlit gaming mouse is worth strong consideration. It’s easy to discover a really cheap gaming mouse, however, it’s difficult to find a person with as substantial reviews as the VicTsing Backlit.

However, despite the fall on price, you sacrifice nothing in terms of perks! The Backlit matches other mice on this list with 4 adjustable DPI levels, a wired cable, 6 convenient buttons, and even 4 cool backlight modes.

If you don’t have great airflow or suffer from sweaty palms or hands once your game, then you will be delighted to know that the VicTsing Backlit comes with an anti-slip coating. No longer blaming your defeat a slippery mouse!

Many users commented the VicTsing Backlit was very comfortable and user-friendly and that the DPI is readily changed. This allows gamers to rapidly adjust their gameplay from a lower DPI to play casual games and then even faster to a high DPI the plays much more action-packed games.

VersionTECH RGB Gaming Mouse

VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic USB Optical Mouse Mice with Chroma RGB Backlit, 1200 to...

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Next is Your VersionTECH RGB for a wild look!

The VersionTECH RGB gaming mouse should likely among the more intriguing looking gaming mice on this list. It’s a 7-color RBG breathing lights setup. With multiple colors glowing at the same time, this mouse provides a wonderful atmosphere.

However, while it seems cool, don’t overlook it is massive 1,1148 great reviews! This is undoubtedly the highest-rated, discount gaming mice that I could find!

This optical, wired mouse comes standard with the same 4 DPI settings and 6 programmable buttons. Additionally, it has a key life warranty of 5 thousand clicks, which could explain part of it has a great customer rating.

The RGB additionally includes an ergonomic design that employs an asymmetrical layout. This helps bring your wrist into a natural position while using the mouse, presuming you’re right-handed naturally!

Many users have bought this mouse They noted that the mouse looks really good and has responsive buttons and everything works just as they anticipated. They also said the shine effect of this best mouse looks quite nice and it is great for gaming in brightly colored chambers but it doesn’t have an automatic sleep function so you need to turn it off manually if you do not need the light to be too bright.

A number of customer reviews were highly happy with their purchase. In my opinion, it is a really great value to get a gaming mouse and the fact that it’s among the cheapest on the market is just icing on the cake.

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click


For mobility, the VicTsing Wireless takes the cord!

While not optimal for competitive gaming, a wireless mouse is fantastic for many other kinds of gaming. Laidback games, such as Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Hearthstone are perfect for wireless mice. With a cordless gaming mouse, you can get at the ultimate comfortable position from either your chair, couch, or bed!

On top of no cable, the VicTsing Wireless really has 5 flexible DPI settings. This is more than the majority of the other cheap gaming mice we found! It also has a 7-button layout!

Frankly, I would not have thought about battery life had VicTsing not pointed out that the Wireless offers a 15-month battery lifetime. That is superb! This means you will not be burning through cash with fresh batteries every couple of weeks, such as some additional cheap gaming mice do.

We found the working scope to be marginally less than 50 feet guaranteed in the description. But further down, you’ll notice it states 33ft and we found this about right. It ought to work perfectly in almost any normal-sized room and even in some slightly bigger ones. A 33-foot room is larger than you think!

Redimp Wired GM300 Gaming Mouse

Redimp Wired Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons & LED Backlit Lights for PS4 PC Computer Laptop...

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Hot and polished is the Redimp way!

The Redimp GM300 gaming mouse is possibly the slickest budget gaming mouse that I came across. Just look at that devilish red imp with purple, blue, and red trim. Hot damn!

1 perk I noticed was Redimp gave the maximum button guarantee out of all of the mice on this list. They assert all buttons handed 20 million stroke tests!

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The design also offers an anti-skid shell for a better grip with no much pressure or force.

One drawback is that the 4.9-foot cable. Again, if you’ve got a long distance to reach, I would look for a mouse. Also, while I love the backlight LED, it’s not customizable. Therefore, if you don’t like the appearance of this, it’s probably not for you.

As you can see, you do not need to spend a thousand dollars to find a high quality, affordable gaming mouse. Whether you are seeking to game at home, flow Twitch, or even locate a backup or mouse all this may be accomplished for under $10!

BENGOO Gaming Mouse Wired

VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse, Ergonomic USB Optical Mouse Mice with Chroma RGB Backlit, 1200 to...

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BENGOO Gaming Mouse is pretty much equal to VersionTECH mouse above under different branding. So because it is essentially the exact same mouse then the same things apply. The plastic it’s made out of is cheap but the entire build seems solid.

It’s also pretty lightweight, which may attribute to it feeling somewhat cheap. Despite this mouse performs very well. It tracks well and is accurate. The buttons and scroll wheel feels really fine, just negative thing about these is that they are somewhat loud to click.

Ergonomically this is a great mouse. The shape is comfortable to both small-handed and large-handed people. The mouse is backlit and the pattern and colors are magnificent. You can not place a good color so that the mouse keeps cycling through all colors.

BENGOO Gaming Mouse under 10 is comfortable, accurate, and looks good. It is a mouse that leaves the belief that it’s more expensive than it actually is.

Best Gaming Mouse Under 10 of Final Thoughts

Not everybody wants to spend considerable amounts of money on their gaming equipment. You do not need to buy super costly devices if cheaper alternatives can completely fulfill all of your requirements. You can actually buy the best gaming mouse for under 10 dollars that will satisfy and even impress most.

Although these mouses can’t compete with a few more costly ones, some of them are very impressive despite their reduced price. I have done an extensive research to help you pick the best cheap gaming mouse for about $10 just for you out of 17 distinct ones. Read the whole article now! :

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