10 Best Travel Mouse 2022 Buying Guide

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If you are constantly on the go, then possessing among the Best Travel Mouse is essential. Traveling mice will enable your wrists to have the convenience of your house computing set up anywhere. These computer mice connect to your laptop computer (and can connect to your desktop computer), developing more wheelchairs than the conventional trackpad.

Best Travel Mouse

If you are seeking the best travel mouse, you require a compact as well as a portable mouse. It needs to easily fit into your brief-case, traveling bag, or bag. Furthermore, it needs to be linked to a tablet or laptop computer when you are on an airplane or somewhere else.

In other words, the best travel mouse is the one that enables you to work or play wherever you are.

Travel mice are smaller than normal ones, as well as some are flatter than typical to much better fit inside small pockets. The link to your gadgets wirelessly, either by using proprietary dongles or Bluetooth. A good one also needs to have a battery that won’t provide to you during an important conference as well as several customizable buttons that help maximize your workflow or K/D proportion.

Top 10 Best Travel Mouse 2022 Reviews

Best Choice
Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth or USB - Silent, Slim Computer Mouse with Quiet...*
Runner Up
Microsoft RVF-00052 Arc Wireless USB Touch Mouse - Black*
Best Price
FENIFOX Bluetooth Mouse, Slim Mini Portable Flat Travel Wireless Mouse Rechargeable Quiet Ultra-Thin...*
Best Overall
ABKONCORE A660 Gaming Mouse Wired, [10000 DPI] Computer Mice for Laptop with 8 Programmable Buttons,...*
Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth or USB - Silent, Slim Computer Mouse with Quiet...*
Microsoft RVF-00052 Arc Wireless USB Touch Mouse - Black*
FENIFOX Bluetooth Mouse, Slim Mini Portable Flat Travel Wireless Mouse Rechargeable Quiet Ultra-Thin...*
ABKONCORE A660 Gaming Mouse Wired, [10000 DPI] Computer Mice for Laptop with 8 Programmable Buttons,...*
Best Choice
Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth or USB - Silent, Slim Computer Mouse with Quiet...*
Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth or USB - Silent, Slim Computer Mouse with Quiet...*
Runner Up
Microsoft RVF-00052 Arc Wireless USB Touch Mouse - Black*
Microsoft RVF-00052 Arc Wireless USB Touch Mouse - Black*
Best Price
FENIFOX Bluetooth Mouse, Slim Mini Portable Flat Travel Wireless Mouse Rechargeable Quiet Ultra-Thin...*
FENIFOX Bluetooth Mouse, Slim Mini Portable Flat Travel Wireless Mouse Rechargeable Quiet Ultra-Thin...*
Best Overall
ABKONCORE A660 Gaming Mouse Wired, [10000 DPI] Computer Mice for Laptop with 8 Programmable Buttons,...*
ABKONCORE A660 Gaming Mouse Wired, [10000 DPI] Computer Mice for Laptop with 8 Programmable Buttons,...*

These are the 10 best travel mouse choices currently offered. You’ll discover every little thing from versions that can serve numerous computer systems at the same time to fundamental ones that get the job done without any clutter. Discover which travel-ready rodent finest matches your requirements as well as never leave home without it.

1. Logitech Pebble M350

Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth or USB - Silent, Slim Computer Mouse with Quiet...

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Logitech Stone M350 is a slim, sweat-resistant plastic design for those, who wish to obtain a good travel mouse at an affordable rate. You can pick in between 3 shades black, white well as pink.

You might conveniently place it right into a pocket given that it is half the size of an ordinary hand and weighs about 3.5 oz. However, it is not the very best option to use for numerous hours straight.

The tool features a thin leading panel that might be gotten rid of and attached again using three little magnetic pins. At the back, there is a power button and also a Bluetooth/USB switch. Mind that you can not customize its performance and also the experience you get using it is not the best one.

  • Qualitative body
  • Very portable
  • Perfect for fingertip grip
  • A bit inconvenient design
  • Average performance

2. Microsoft RVF-00052

Microsoft RVF-00052 Arc Wireless USB Touch Mouse - Black

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If you usually travel as well as have to work with the go, RVF-00052 Arc Touch travel mouse can please your demands. Thanks to the straightforward layout as well as touch-sensitive capabilities, it services virtually any type of surface area and uses nano-transceiver technology to give ideal efficiency.

There is a hassle-free magnetic spot on the bottom of the Arc Touch to affix a device transceiver if it is not used.

In addition, Arc Touch mobile computer mouse makes use of an Apple Magic Computer mouse besting touch-sensitive wheel.

Although this model has some minor drawbacks, like weight as well as unpredictable wheel switch, we may still declare that this choice could become a suitable wireless traveling mouse. Its sophisticated style as well as ergonomic attributes made us include this option on the listing of the best travel mice.

  • Stylish design
  • Simple buttons
  • Convenient
  • Long battery life
  • Unstable scrolling button
  • Not lightweight


FENIFOX Bluetooth Mouse, Slim Mini Portable Flat Travel Wireless Mouse Rechargeable Quiet Ultra-Thin...

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Thanks to its dimension as well as weight, the FENIFOX mouse might be called a global device to use throughout trips. You can pick your own DPI setup from 800 to 1600.

Moreover, you might easily connect it to any Bluetooth suitable COMPUTER, laptop computer, or Android tablet using its FENIFOX smart connection. A passcode is not required.

This Bluetooth travel mouse has silent left and right mouse buttons as well as is a perfect version for libraries, boardrooms, cafes,s and other places where loud noise can create discomfort. There is a different power switch as well as the sleeping mode, which is turned on immediately.

FENIFOX traveling computer mouse makes use of a secure and secure lithium battery. It might be billed more than a hundred times and functions greater than three weeks on a single charge. Besides, you might still make use of the mouse when it is being charged.

  • Simple setting up
  • Slim design
  • Great shape
  • Rechargeable
  • Collects fingerprints

4. ABKONCORE A660 Gaming Mouse Wired

ABKONCORE A660 Gaming Mouse Wired, [10000 DPI] Computer Mice for Laptop with 8 Programmable Buttons,...

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ABKONCORE A660 is a travel mouse completely suitable for gaming. It is an expert designer with a PIXART PMW 3325 sensor giving outstanding accuracy, precise acknowledgment, fast motion, and also interference-free procedure.

Thanks to superior click level of sensitivity and responsiveness, players can fully delight in the session. You may adjust the DPI level of sensitivity; there are 4 levels available.

ABKONCORE A660 flaunts an in proportion ergonomic layout making certain an ideal grip with a secure slide.

It is a lightweight tool offering ideal equilibrium during work. Moreover, you may adjust the RGB LED shade as you such as. There is a 16.8 M RGB LED light as well as a user-friendly LED button for your benefit.

  • Reliable and accurate sensor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple zones Backlight
  • Side key lock
  • No rubberized inserts on the sides
  • Only left-side buttons

5. VicTsing Pioneer Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse


If you are seeking the best traveling mouse and also wish to save some cash, VicTsing Pioneer is specifically what you require. It is a financial device offering numerous expert features.

It is an ideal variant for individuals with little hands.

This Bluetooth traveling mouse may be conveniently kept in your laptop bag or pocket so you may take it all over your wish. What is even more, it can be connected to up to 3 tools.

VicTsing Leader lowers the void sound by 90%. Being furnished with double Bluetooth as well as USB receivers, it functions efficiently on Android, Mac iOS, Windows, and various other systems.

The leader has a battery level indication. Energy-saving design enables you to prolong battery life as well as get rid of the best deal of battery issues.

  • Smooth, silent buttons
  • Budgetary option
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Decent battery life
  • For small palms only

6. OKIMO: Best Wireless Travel Mouse

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No products found.


Meeting all the standards of the most effective traveling mouse, like ultra-thin, ergonomic design, small weight, comfy hand-feeling, etc., OKIMO is an ideal device to take into consideration.

It is a flexible computer mouse with three levels of precision so you may manage the computer mouse speed adding to a lot more exact efficiency. This travel mouse may move freely within a range of as much as 32 feet.

The mouse features a rechargeable battery. When you bill it to the max, it will develop to 168 hours.

You may prolong its life by activating energy-saving functions, automated sleep mode as well as wake-up setting. You may put the USB receiver under the battery cover.

  • Silent click
  • Slim, nice-to-touch body
  • Broad compatibility
  • Care-free warranty
  • Not everyone will appreciate an ultra-slim design

7. Logitech M510: Best Small Travel Mouse

Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse – Comfortable Shape with USB Unifying Receiver, with...

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Thanks to the ergonomic layout, Logitech M510 is the best travel computer mouse to utilize for numerous hours. It has an optimal form to fit a human hand offering the all-natural as well as easy activity with accuracy guideline control.

At the same time, the device is rather heavy using AA batteries for power. Nevertheless, M510 provides 2 years of battery life okay, actually. M510 is compatible with the current versions of Windows, Mac OS, as well as also Linux.

Nonetheless, do not pick this mouse if you have little hands. It is a perfect choice for individuals with huge palms. You might think about a smaller variation offered on the marketplace. What is more, this cordless travel computer mouse appropriates both, for righties as well as lefties.

  • Great overall control
  • Works smoothly on macOS
  • Fully-customizable buttons and shortcuts
  • Unifying receiver
  • Not suitable for small hands
  • With single-use batteries; not rechargeable

8. Verbatim 97470: Best Little Mouse for Traveling

Verbatim 97470 Wireless Mini Travel Mouse Gra

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Verbatim Wireless Mini Traveling Mouse is a portable tool to transfer and also use on the go. Delays in arrow activity are missing since it features reliable 2.4 GHz cordless technology.

This travel mouse operates making use of a solitary conventional AAA battery so it is very easy to replace it when required. Thanks to its portable layout, this mouse is a good choice for home, office, or on-the-go use.

The Nano receiver is actually tiny so having actually plugged it into the USB port, you don’t have to unplug it each time you need to take your laptop computer someplace. This 2.0 USB mobile mouse functions smoothly on the current variations of Mac, Windows, and also Linux.

  • Compact and portable design
  • Cord-free reliability and performance
  • Compact nano wireless receiver
  • Affordable
  • No auto shut off when it is not used

9. Seenda: Rechargeable Wireless Mouse for Traveling

seenda Wireless Bluetooth Mouse - Rechargeable Wireless Mouse Multi-Purpose (BT 4.0+USB+Type C 3-Way...

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Including Bluetooth 4.0, USB Receiver, and also Type C Receiver, this Seenda wireless traveling computer mouse may be connected up to 3 devices. It quickly switches over in between different inputs without delays.

The computer mouse has a rechargeable battery. It works efficiently on Windows, Mac OS, and Android gizmos. Thanks to its portable dimension (4.5 × 2.5 × 1.3 inches), the multi-connection option, and rechargeable functions, this design might be called a great traveling computer mouse.

This computer mouse features a safe warranty. So if any kind of problem develops while using the mouse, the firm will offer your refund or you will obtain a free replacement.

  • Triple connection for multi-purpose
  • Amazing compatibility
  • Silent and responsive click
  • 18-month money-back or replacements
  • Inconvenient сonnection button placement

10. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S: Best Travel Mice

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse – Use On Any Surface, Hyper-Fast Scrolling,...

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Selecting the MX Anywhere 2S from Logitech as our top pick was a piece of cake considering that it’s impossible to overemphasize exactly how flexible the mouse is. It’s little, has a rechargeable battery, and also connects to numerous tools wirelessly. It can jump in between 3 computer systems or smart devices and also flawlessly move data in between computer systems on the very same network utilizing Flow.

The MX Any place 2S efficiently blends effectiveness as well as design. Its style is controlled however has numerous attractive aspects like the steel scroll wheel and also the thumb rest’s geometric pattern. It’s a tiny mouse that nonetheless fits well in hand thanks to a pronounced arch ranging from its primary switches towards the back.

The computer mouse utilizes a USB receiver operating on 2.4 GHz wireless to attach to Computers and also Macs. You can change to Bluetooth when pairing it with tablets and smart devices. There’s a mini USB port on its front that attaches to the billing wire. Not that you’ll be needing that often because a single cost lasts an approximated 70 days with heavy day-to-day usage.

Seamless changing in between devices is the MX Anyplace 2S’s standout feature. You can pair it with 3 devices simultaneously and also switch over between them as indicated by three LEDs on its bottom. The mouse also supports Flow and can transform from one computer to another by simply leaving the display area. You can use this to transfer files by means of copy-pasting and conserve considerable time on moving files by means of USB sticks or e-mail.

Darkfield laser modern technology makes the MX Anywhere TWO even more reputable since it allows you to utilize it on any surface area. Sleek timber, glossy binders, and also glass do not impede its smooth motion. The MX Anywhere TWO functions whenever and anywhere you need it with outstanding uniformity.

Mounting the Logitech Options arrangement tool lets you readjust the MX Any place 2S’s controls, consisting of sideways scrolling wheel clicks. We especially value the motion button underneath the scroll wheel that works as 4 controls in one. It turns on by pressing and relocating the computer mouse in a primary instruction. You can use this to open internet browsers, bring up the calculator, and also even carry out a macro.

  • Exceptionally versatile thanks to Flow and the gesture button
  • Comfortable despite its small size
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Excellent configuration software
  • Lacks space to store the USB receiver
  • Isn’t ambidextrous

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Travel Mouse?

Retractable CordWirelessOptical vs LaserErgonomicBattery Type and Battery Life

If you desire a wired traveling mouse, choose the one with a retractable USB cord. It is very hassle-free given that you will swiftly load the mouse when necessary. Furthermore, it is simpler to store such a mouse.

If lugging additional batteries isn’t an issue for you, choose a cordless tool. Given that there isn’t any cord, you do not need to think of where to put it. Such a computer mouse will certainly deal with any surface.

In case you are not eager to think of dongles, obtain a Bluetooth travel computer mouse rather with an exclusive link.

If you do not know what travel mouse to select an optical or a laser one, consider the surface area you are most likely to use it on. Optical mice are less precise as well as delicate but they efficiently work with different surface areas.

If you make sure that you will certainly constantly have an optimal surface to deal with, pick a laser mouse. If you don’t buy an optical or hybrid one.

This attribute is actually crucial for those that spend night and day in front of their computer system. You should get the mouse that will certainly develop the comfiest conditions for your hand.

Being used for long periods, ill-suited mice and non-form fitting versions can trigger such troubles as carpal tunnel, joint inflammation, and also even seemingly unconnected pain in the back.

As a result, selecting a travel mouse you must think of its ergonomics initially since it directly influences your health. Today, designers develop computer mice that can serve in one of the comfiest ways so you have numerous choices to select from.

Sort of the battery plays a big function when selecting a mobile mouse for journeys. It influences the quality of the tool generally. Travel computer mice have 2 kinds of batteries common AA or AAA batteries (you change them when made use of) as well as internal rechargeable ones (you may bill them through a wire when required).

Both types have their benefits. The loosened batteries are extremely simple to change and they are not expensive.

Mentioning the inner battery is convenient because you do not have to go to the store if you require to charge it. Generally, both battery kinds serve for extended periods prior to you require to recharge or change them.

Best Travel Portable Mouse (FAQs)

Bluetooth vs Wireless Mouse – Which is Better?

There are two types of cordless mice Bluetooth as well as radiofrequency ones. Generally, an RF traveling computer mouse is a lot more receptive and also easier to establish.

You simply need to connect in the dongle that includes it. Nevertheless, Bluetooth mice are ending up being more and more prominent these days.

Should I Switch off a Wireless Mouse?

Certainly, you have to keep your computer mouse billed if you wish to utilize it for many hrs. So do not fail to remember to transform it off when you don’t use it.

Locate the button on the back of your device as well as transform it off. In such a way, your mouse will serve you much longer without the necessity to recharge it or change the batteries.

What is the difference between a wireless and Bluetooth mouse?

As I have actually currently pointed out, wireless mice are divided into two teams superhigh frequency and also Bluetooth ones. The difference stocks how they are connected to your computer.

A Bluetooth wireless traveling mouse links to the built-in receiver offered on many modern computers. An RF device includes a dongle that ought to be connected to a USB port.

Optical vs Laser Mouse – who is the winner?

The major difference between these computer mice is the resolution. An optical design has a resolution of 3,000 DPI while a laser one includes 6,000-15,000 + DPI value. Thanks to greater DPI, laser best mice are a lot more sensitive and also track more dots per inch.

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