10 Best Claw Grip Mouse 2022 Buying Guide

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What is the best claw grip mouse? Whether you are a fan of a hand, claw, or fingertip grasp, it’s vital to locate a mouse that suits your requirements best and allows you to enhance your productivity.

Best Claw Grip Mouse

The claw grasp is rather comparable both to the palm and fingertip ones. Most often, it is preferred by gamers, who require to relocate the best claw grip mouse quickly as well as fire with high accuracy.

So you remain in the market for a brand-new computer mouse however with such a wide range to pick from just how do you understand which is ideal?

This is my list of the best claw grip mice which is upgraded to consider any type of brand-new mice that are released.

As the best mice for claw grip gamer, you wish to try to find a mouse that has a low profile hump. This supplies the most adaptability in terms of activity. Each of these mice on the checklist has actually been hand-selected and also evaluated to ensure they fulfill all the essential criteria.

Top 10 Best Claw Grip Mouse Reviews 2022

Best Choice
Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse: 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - Chroma RGB...*
Runners Up
Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance*
Best Price
Glorious Gaming Mouse - Model O 67 g Superlight Honeycomb Mouse, Matte Black Mouse - USB Gaming...*
Best Overall
Razer Pro Click Humanscale Wireless Mouse: Ergonomic Form Factor - 5G Advanced Optical Sensor -...*
Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse: 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - Chroma RGB...*
Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance*
Glorious Gaming Mouse - Model O 67 g Superlight Honeycomb Mouse, Matte Black Mouse - USB Gaming...*
Razer Pro Click Humanscale Wireless Mouse: Ergonomic Form Factor - 5G Advanced Optical Sensor -...*
Best Choice
Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse: 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - Chroma RGB...*
Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse: 20K DPI Optical Sensor - Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch - Chroma RGB...*
Runners Up
Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance*
Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance*
Best Price
Glorious Gaming Mouse - Model O 67 g Superlight Honeycomb Mouse, Matte Black Mouse - USB Gaming...*
Glorious Gaming Mouse - Model O 67 g Superlight Honeycomb Mouse, Matte Black Mouse - USB Gaming...*
Best Overall
Razer Pro Click Humanscale Wireless Mouse: Ergonomic Form Factor - 5G Advanced Optical Sensor -...*
Razer Pro Click Humanscale Wireless Mouse: Ergonomic Form Factor - 5G Advanced Optical Sensor -...*

If you desire a quick response the Razer Viper Ultimate attained the GEM ranking honor. It is an excellent mouse for a claw grip player however at a steep cost. If you get on a budget, however, you should look into the Glorious Model O which has been my primary mouse prior to the release of the Viper Ultimate.

Before we enter into the information, here is a fast contrast chart to aid describe the differences between the mice on the listing at a look.

For even more on selecting the best mouse for you, check out my ‘Choose best claw grip mouse’ tool below!

1. Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock: Fastest...

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Razer has drawn out some incredible peripherals recently. Having actually used their equipment in the past I had reduced expectations for the Viper Ultimate launch. However young boy was I incorrect. Razer has actually absolutely nailed this mouse which is why it is not just the best claw grip computer mouse but it’s the very best gaming mouse overall and also let me describe why.

Prior to I dive in it’s crucial to know that there are 2 versions of the Razer Viper. The ‘Razer Viper’ which is the wired version & doesn’t have PTFE feet & the ‘Razer Viper Ultimate’ which is wireless & does have PTFE feet. I will certainly be referring to the Viper Ultimate however whatever still relates to the conventional ‘Razer Viper’ too.

The Viper Ultimate borrows much of its shape from the similarity of the Zowie FK series & Glorious Model O. But it does so with far better clicks, side switches, computer mice feet & and even a far better sensor. This is the king of mice now.

Razer has actually produced their own sensing unit called the Focus+ sensing unit which boasts DPI worths approximately 20,000. DPI is dots per inch so the greater your DPI the lot more your computer mouse guideline will certainly relocate per inch. The sensing unit also has 650 IPS tracking which is the maximum range a computer mouse can cover per 2nd prior to its ability to proceed monitoring is gone beyond.

This allows you to swipe like a mad male without the sensor drawing out. The sensing unit is perfect. I have experienced zero draws out or skipping, it has actually performed outstandingly.


  • Length: 12.5 cm / 125 mm
  • Width: 6.0 cm / 60mm
  • Height: 3.8 cm / 38 mm
  • Weight: 74g

At 125mm it is an ordinary dimension computer mouse yet its really low profile (38mm) makes it an excellent claw grip mouse. The arch is reduced allowing for even more room for your hand to position it less complicated. A high arc can get in the way of claw grip gamers so it’s constantly essential to look more in the direction of low profile shapes.

The Viper Ultimate has 8 buttons including a computer mouse 1, mouse 2, scroll wheel, 2 side buttons on each side of the computer mouse, and also a DPI switch under. Thanks to Razer’s own optical buttons (ranked at 70 million clicks) the main clicks are a few of the most effective readily available. Only Logitech & the G Pro Wireless( # 3 in the checklist) can rival these buttons.

The side switches are the very best readily available now. They are perfectly placed, not expensive, and also not too much forward, they are right above your thumb for easy access. In terms of clicks, they are incredibly crispy and responsive. There is absolutely no traveling time permitting instant actuation.

The side buttons can be switched off utilizing Razer Synapse for those of you who want to disable the side you do not utilize.

I can not fault the main clicks & side switches right here which is just one of the main reasons for it being the very best computer mouse offered at the moment.

As for the scroll wheel, it is gently weighted and each action is well balanced. It feels ideal for each day utilization & for video gaming but the G Pro Wireless scroll wheel is better.

The battery life of the Viper Ultimate lasts approximately 70 hours yet I found that the RGB truly drains it. Nevertheless, the computer mouse just takes a couple of hours to bill & you can play with the cable television plugged in. The computer mouse can also be billed making use of the billing dock which looks great on any workdesk.

The billing dock is likewise RGB and can be set up to match the remainder of your established. It additionally shows the battery level of the computer mouse via colors to alert you of reduced battery. The mouse is charged by putting it onto the two prongs. An elegant touch by Razer right here.

Lastly, the computer mouse feet are PTFE which is the best you can get as well as the Viper Ultimate slides silky smooth over all the computer mouse pads I examined. These feet are much better than the G Pro Wireless supply feet.

General Razer has produced something unique below considering they have been out of the leading video gaming mice listing at GamingGem for a long period of time. The Razer Viper Ultimate is the most effective claw grasp mouse you can get right currently even though the cost is a little steep. It has the most effective clicks, side buttons, form, feet, and also sensing unit so it has made the # 1 spot.

If the Viper Ultimate is outside of your spending plan (around $150 check most recent price here) then absolutely consider the routine wired Viper. As an alternate check out the Glorious Model O turning up next in the list which is the most effective budget mouse available.

  • Focus+ sensor
  • Lightest wireless mouse
  • Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2 (Razer’s own switches)
  • Best side buttons
  • Top scroll wheel
  • PTFE smooth feet
  • Ambidextrous
  • 70 hours battery life
  • Stylish charging dock
  • RGB drains battery
  • Expensive

2. Glorious Model O Mouse

Glorious Gaming Mouse - Model O Matte White 67 g Superlight Honeycomb USB Gaming Mouse

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Glorious PC Gaming Race has gone into the pc gaming mice market with a bang. This was previously the number 1 on this list till Razer launched the Razer Viper Ultimate. This is the very best budget claw grasp mouse you can solve now. At around $50 it is unparalleled in terms of worth.

The computer mouse takes a lot of its design as well as form from the well known Zowie FK1. They both have a very low existing hump as well as are comparable in size and also width.

It provides the PMW3360 sensor which approaches the HERO sensing unit of most Logitech mice today. Which provides DPI anywhere in between 400-12,000 as well as can be configured within the Model O software.


  • Length: 12.8 cm / 128 mm
  • Width: 5.9 from sensor / 59mm
  • Height: 3.75 cm / 37.5 mm
  • Weight: 67/68g

The Model O has come to be so preferred thanks to its light-weight honeycomb layout. At 67g it is just one of the lightest gaming mice on the market. Having a lighter computer mouse can enhance your accuracy as well as lower exhaustion over long having fun sessions.

The mouse is suited towards claw as well as fingertip players with tools to big hands. If you have smaller sized hands (less than 17.5 cm) after that I would suggest the Model O- which is the Model O’s little sibling.

The hump on the mouse is extremely gradual as well as level compared to the G Pro Wireless. This is perfect for any type of claw hold or fingertip player as having a big bulge can make it hard to claw a computer mouse properly.

The computer mouse features 6 switches which are the main mouse 1 and 2, scroll wheel, dpi switch, and 2 side switches. The computer mouse 1 and 2 are different from the shell just like the G Pro Wireless. They really feel really responsive and have a light actuation force but still somewhat higher compared to the G Pro Wireless.

The side switches are only on one side of the computer mouse so it is not appropriate for left-handed players unless you don’t utilize the buttons. Each side of the mouse is in proportion so you might technically use it if you are left-handed.

The buttons themselves have an extremely brief traveling time however feel less responsive compared to the G Pro Wireless.

The wire is among the best elements of this mouse. The Model O uses a paracord which is a very lightweight option to your normal Zowie or Logitech rubber or knotted cable television. It has additionally been improved as well as updated compared to the pictures you see above. It helps in reducing drag and also makes the mouse feel almost wireless especially when utilizing a bungee.

It is wonderful to see computer mice makers going above and beyond with their design as well as there are currently various other suppliers that have actually begun to include paracords right into their stock mice. As soon as you go paracord or wireless you can not return to a supply wire.

Remarkable really did not inexpensive out on the computer mouse feet either. These are not your ordinary supply mice feet yet as a matter of fact G-Skate feet. Glorious’ own skates give better, smoother PTFE computer mice feet that move smoother over your pad. Generally, you need to acquire these different and use them on your own to your mouse. Currently, you can obtain them off the shelf with the Model O.

The mouse feet as well as cord contribute to the Model O’s quality as well as taking into consideration the cost it is currently the only mouse that supplies this degree of top quality in this price variety.

Due to the honeycomb design and also the weight of the Model O I had problems with its resilience prior to testing. Having utilized the computer mouse for a couple of months now I have been happily shocked. So far I have actually had no issues with the clicks, sensing unit, or a framework of the computer mouse flexing or warping.

It is difficult to fault the computer mouse itself as well as even more challenging to fault the software application. Glorious has actually managed to create a software application that does what it’s expected to do without any of the additional fluff. No bloatware functions, no made complex over the top UI. The software application allows you to configure whatever you need from the DPI to the color setups as well as latency.

It was a difficult choice regarding whether the Model O would certainly beat the G Pro Wireless on the checklist. The G Pro Wireless has truly introduced wireless pc gaming computer mice reaching brand-new elevations in terms of weight as well as form.

However, when you consider the rate of the Model O, it is unparalleled in terms of worth.

The value and also quality you get for the Model O’s cost is the factor it rests at # 2.

  • 3360 Sensor
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Paracord light cable
  • Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
  • Solid scroll wheel
  • G-Skate Feet
  • Easy to use software
  • Unbeatable value for the price
  • Side buttons could be crisper

3. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

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Logitech has accomplished yet once more with its newest enhancement to the Logitech computer mice family members. Having generated over 50 professional esports players to help them in their design as well as the feeling of the computer mouse.

The comments from the players have definitely helped Logitech create something unique and that is why the G Pro Wireless has actually used to be my primary claw grip computer mouse. It changed my FK1 for a variety of months till I tried the Glorious Model O.

Let’s discuss what the G Pro Wireless has to supply. Logitech has actually produced a new sensor called the HERO. It provides 16,000 DPI in 50 increments.

The HERO is just one of the best sensing units offered now. The monitoring is terrific and also there is no jitter or pixel missing.

A quote from Logitech states: “HERO utilizes a constant capture rate at a greater FPS than any other sensor which suggests the monitoring information is collected and also processed much faster”.

Currently, I do not understand if this is just marketing talk or not however the sensing unit has actually been supreme until now.


  • Length: 12.5 cm / 125 mm
  • Width: 5.9 from sensor / 59mm
  • Height: 4 cm / 40 mm
  • Weight: 80g (77g~ without bottom plate)

The G Pro Wireless is very lightweight at 80g, not quite as light as the Razer Viper Ultimate nevertheless (74g).

This is thanks to its very thin 1mm shell wall surfaces that Logitech claimed were the most challenging part regarding the style of the computer mouse. The weight balance is evenly spread out across the entire computer mouse.

It is relatively little compared to a few of the various other mice on the checklist yet I believe it has the excellent dimensions for a claw hold computer mouse.

The computer mouse includes 8 buttons that include mouse 1, mouse 2, scroll wheel, two side buttons on either side of the mouse, and a DPI switch on the bottom.

Mouse 1, as well as mouse 2, are responsive and tactile as you can anticipate from Logitech. The side buttons amount to the Razer Viper Ultimate, suggesting they are extraordinary. They really feel responsive and have a short traveling time.

They are also positioned similar to the Viper Ultimate which is something I locate a lot of other mice get wrong where the very first side switch is as well near to the front of the mouse.

The G Pro Wireless provides you with great customization thanks to its modular buttons. If you like not to have buttons you can take them off and replace them as revealed in the picture above. It also suggests that you can disable the side you don’t make use of as it is unlikely you will require all 4 side switches.

The scroll wheel is best which is something I have constantly believed Logitech consistently gets right. The wheel click is rather resistant as well as the notches are recognizable however not too self-important. Note the scroll wheel doesn’t have a totally free wheel scroll like the G903.

One facet Logitech has actually changed is that they brought the DPI button from the top of the mouse to the bottom. This was thanks to the input of the professional players who stated they never ever utilized the DPI button enough to necessitate it getting on the top of the computer mouse. Logitech listened and also have placed it on the base which is a welcome change.

The battery life is stated to last as much as two days with RGB activated as well as 60+ hours without RGB which is the best battery life of any type of Logitech computer mouse yet. After months of use, I do not also require to bill the computer mouse once a week which is unbelievable for a cordless computer mouse. Not just that however the battery charges in under an hour or two.

As for grip styles, claw grasp gamers must have hands no larger than around 22cm, and also fingertip gamers have a lot more legroom thanks to the style of the hold.

The G Pro Wireless is among the most effective computer mice offered right now with one problem, its price. It is very costly so it may be outside your budget plan.

  • HERO Sensor
  • Side buttons are amazing
  • Extremely light
  • Ambidextrous
  • Modular side buttons
  • Great battery life
  • Scroll wheel is the best
  • The price will make you flinch

4. BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Esports

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Esports (Large)

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One of the most preferred mice on the market for the past few years. Used by various CSGO as well as eSports specialists suffices to prove why this mouse should get on the checklist. It is likewise the criteria of claw hold designed mice with both the G Pro Wireless as well as Model O being influenced by the FK1 shape and also design.

The Zowie FK collection all ranges in size from the FK2 being the smallest, FK1 the middle youngster, and also FK1+ the largest. The series is powered by the Avago ADNS-3310 optical sensing unit, the FK1 is a terrific ambidextrous solution for any kind of claw hold customer.

Supporting DPI increments of 400, 800, 1600, and also 3600, it does not give the exact same versatility as some of the other mice on the checklist. Nonetheless, this is not a figuring out factor given that these increments provided are normally the advised ones. The DPI can be transformed on the bottom of the computer mouse with a LED for a sign.

DPI Colours:

  • 400 – Red
  • 800 – Purple
  • 1600 – Blue
  • 3600 – Green


  • Length: 128mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Height: 37mm
  • Weight: 89g

Because of the reduced height, it is a wonderful fit for the claw hold. The arc is very mild suggesting it offers wonderful assistance if you such as to relax the base of your hand across the computer mouse-like I do. Weighing in at 89g is around the same as the G403 however it is narrower.

The mouse has 8 switches, a left, and best click, scroll wheel, DPI button as well as two side switches on either side of the computer mouse. I was worried about clicking these side buttons with my ring finger however it rests comfortably listed below and also it has actually never ever been a problem. Clicks on the side and also main switches are rather loud and have an average traveling time. The scroll wheel really feels a little cumbersome but is still more than sufficient.

As for the lift-off range, the FK1 is around 1.5 to 1.8 mm. The FK1 has a flexible record price of 125/500/1000Hz which can be altered via combinations of switches on the computer mouse so no need for software. The cord rests at 6.6 feet or 2 meters long as well as is made from smooth adaptable rubber.

The texture is the same throughout the mouse and has prevented my hands from sweating which is something I have actually battled to find. It has a plastic coating but really feels resilient.

The Zowie FK1 has been a timeless claw grasp mouse for many years now. The form and feeling of the computer mouse are perfect. It could not have the most recent sensor on the block however that truly does not matter.

  • Very Comfortable
  • Anti-sweat texture
  • Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
  • Ambidextrous
  • Great cable
  • Poor scroll wheel
  • Awkward to change polling rate

5. Logitech G403 HERO / G703 HERO

Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse W/Hero 25K Sensor, PowerPlay Compatible, Lightsync...

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The Logitech G403 & G703 have actually recently been upgraded to feature Logitech’s HERO sensor which is widely considered to be the best sensor on the market now. There is also a cordless variant of the G403 but it still makes use of the older PMW3366 sensing unit.

The G703 and also G403 are extremely similar in shape and also size, the primary difference is that the G703 is wireless. These 2 commonly obtain puzzled so I have composed a thorough overview of how to pick in between them.

Across both these computer mice, the DPI can range from 100 -16,000. They are of comparable dimension to the Zowie EC1-An as well as really feel comparable to a Razer DeathAdder. It is ideal for all hand sizes but much more so for those of you with bigger hands above 17.5 cm x 9cm.


  • Length: 124mm
  • Width: 68mm
  • Height: 43mm
  • Weight: 88g

The wired version is of ordinary weight at 88g. The wireless is a little on the heavier side at 106g. The wired version is slightly more suitable for the claw grip since it is lighter. The mouse also ships with an optional 10g weight which can be added to the all-time low of the mouse. This is great if you discover the mouse also light nonetheless it is not suggested if you are an FPS player.

There are 6 buttons consisting of a right as well as left-click clickable scroll, DPI switch as well as two side buttons. The side buttons are fairly big so can possibly be pushed mistakenly if you have larger thumbs. The switches are priced estimate to have a 20 million click life expectancy. Nevertheless, some have mentioned the buttons are not just as good as the G Pro.

The lift-off distance for the G403 is under 1 DVD thick so no issues there. Wire size for the G403 sits at 6.6 feet or 2 meters and also is smoothly entwined. It is quite chunky nevertheless but glides well.

The sides are slightly textured with a rubber coating. This might be prone to scratches and grooves however typically seems long-lasting. The wireless variation has a battery life of around 20 hrs per charge.

All of the DPI choices as well as colors can be configured via the Logitech mouse software application. Profiles can be developed per game if called for or you can stick to a solitary profile.

Overall a great mouse and also there is a factor it sits near the top of the majority of checklists. It is an excellent all-rounder.

  • NEW HERO Sensor
  • Very Comfortable
  • High quality grips
  • Adjustable weight
  • Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
  • Easy to use software
  • Side buttons sometimes squeak when pressed with sweaty hands
  • Thick braided cable

6. BenQ Zowie EC2-B Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Esports

BenQ Zowie EC2-B Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Esports (Medium)

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Zowie’s ever-popular EC1 series has a new rival, the EC2-B. The EC series is ergonomic computer mice unlike the ambidextrous FK and also ZA series.

The biggest change however is that Zowie has put the 3360 optical sensing unit in the brand-new EC2-B. There is nothing wrong with the 3310 sensors, I have actually utilized it for several years but the 3360 does often tend to work with even more surface areas. The precision and also precision, nonetheless, are the same so this shouldn’t be a making a decision element.


  • Length: 120mm
  • Width: 61mm
  • Height: 40mm
  • Weight: 95g

For right-handed gamers, the EC series is incredibly comfortable as well as molds nicely to the hand. If you are worried about the extra side switches on the other ambidextrous Zowie computer mice then the EC series might be for you. The side switches are just on the left-hand side as well as are somewhat softer than those on the EC1 series.

The EC2-B has the exact same ballot rate alternatives however instead of having to press mixes of buttons to alter the setting there is currently a ballot rate switch on the bottom of the mouse alongside the DPI switch.

A strong upgrade from the EC1 collection and also the form actually comes down to individual preference against the FK and also ZA collection. It is worth trying each of these to see which sustains your hand as well as claw grasp better.

  • 3360 sensor
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Great cable like the FK1
  • Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
  • Easy to change polling rate unlike the FK1
  • Scroll wheel needs improvement
  • Possible durability issues

7. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

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You won’t discover a checklist of pc gaming computer mice for claw grip gamers without the G Pro. A best-seller thanks to its form, weight as well as cost. The Logitech G Pro is commonly utilized not only amongst most mice enthusiasts yet also amongst professional players.

Why is it so popular? It boils down to the 3 essential factors when picking a computer mouse, all of which the G Pro stands out.

The initial is the form where the G Pro sports a straightforward, no gimmicks, sophisticated style. Actually, some individuals locate the G Pro also rounded so the form isn’t for everybody. In general, though it is extensively approved to be a very well made mouse. The covering is curved with a progressive arc and also tapers off at the front. The arc is low, supplying a relaxing factor for claw grip gamers.

The measurements (which we will get to soon) are extremely minimal which suggests the mouse is smaller sized, a lot more nimble, and lightweight. Very important aspects especially for professional e-sports gamers.

The 2nd is the sensing unit where the G Pro has no concerns considering that it gains from the 3366 sensors. You are mosting likely to listen to a great deal of praise for the 3366 in this listing!

Finally, the G Pro’s is really lightweight at just 83g. This makes it the lightest mouse on the list as well as proves why it is so prominent among claw grasp gamers.

The lighter the computer mouse, the much easier the activity and this is particularly vital for the clawed grasp.


  • Length: 100mm
  • Width: 55mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Weight: 83g

As talked about the G Pro is a really minimalistic mouse, it is matched for hand dimensions around 16.5-17.5 cm long 7-8.5 centimeters vast. These are simply guidelines though, it relies on your choice as a gamer.

There are 6 switches, a mouse 1, computer mouse 2, scroll, DPI as well as 2 side switches. The buttons are tactile and have a brief traveling time, especially the side switches.

The mouse 1 and 2 have subtle convenience grooves and the DPI can be changed from 200 as much as 12000. The mouse has a USB polling price of 1ms.

The G Pro has among the best scroll wheels, it really feels very smooth and can be made use of for searching, unlike the FK collection where the scroll wheel lets them down.

The G Pro or ‘eSports mouse’ is a solid all-rounded challenger. It is utilized throughout all specialist eSports as a result of its size as well as comfort. If you are a claw grip player as well as you like little mice then absolutely take into consideration the G Pro.

  • 3366 Sensor
  • Lightweight and Small
  • Easy to use software
  • Affordable
  • Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
  • Thick braided cable

8. SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - Ambidextrous Design -...

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Steelseries create great computer mice so it is just a suitable one is advice on the list. I might have put more than one on the list however made a decision to opt for the Sensei 310.

Unlike the various other mice on the listing, the Sensei 310 has its own optic called the TrueMove 3. Typically talking, it is a fantastic optic and matches the 3360 and also 3310. There isn’t a lot of distinction between the sensing units given that TrueMove3 is a variation of the 3360.

The mouse supports DPI levels from 100-2000 DPI increments comparable to the various other mice on the checklist.


  • Length: 125mm
  • Width: 59mm
  • Height: 39mm
  • Weight: 92g

Weighing in at 92g it is among the much heavier mice on the list so if you choose a much heavier computer mouse after that the Sensei 310 is one to take into consideration. The computer mouse supplies terrific assistance to claw hold customers thanks to its mild arch. The Sensei 310 is additionally ambidextrous which may put right-handed gamers off however truly it shouldn’t.

The computer mouse has 8 buttons with two primary buttons, a dpi switch, a scroll wheel, and also 2 side switches on either side to sustain either left or right-handed players. The lift-off distance approaches the other mice we carry the list.

The wire is 2 meters or 6.6 feet in length and also is made of a rubber product that provides a good slide.

This is a tough computer mouse and also radiates high quality. There is a matte coating to the top which has actually confirmed to lower sweating. This is something I liked concerning the Rival 300 so I am glad they included it right here.

Steelseries mice also have their very own software application for setting up colors as well as DPI. I have actually discovered the Steelseries software truly easy to use although it does have fewer functions than the Logitech software application.

On the whole, a terrific mouse and has truly excellent developed top quality. My old Rival 300 had some issues with the rubber hold peeling. I called Steelseries and they offered me a brand new one with better top quality grasps. So one more thing to think about is how great their customer service is.

  • TrueMove3 Modified 3360 Sensor
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable grippy side grips
  • Separate primary buttons from shell
  • Anti-sweat matte coating
  • Easy to use software
  • Quite a thick hump
  • A little on the heavier side

9. BenQ Zowie ZA12 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Esports

BenQ Zowie ZA12 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Esports (Medium)

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An additional participant in the Zowie household has actually made it to the list. I am not mosting likely to look at everything again here as the ZA collection features very comparable requirements to the FK collection.

There are three mice in the ZA collection so choose which fits your hand dimension best. The ZA11 is the biggest, ZA12 the medium-sized as well as ZA13 the tiniest. Both ZA and also FK collection are ambidextrous yet the important differences remain in the form which is most likely the most crucial consider a mouse.


  • Length: 124mm
  • Width: 58mm
  • Height: 39mm
  • Weight: 85g

I selected the ZA12 as it is applicable to many hand dimensions. The main difference between the ZA collection as well as FK collection is the elevation of the arch. The ZA series has a much steeper incline to the arch which makes it more of a claw-palm hybrid mouse.

The steeper arch suggests it provides more assistance to the customer if they rest even more of the base of their hand against their computer mouse. It additionally hugs the palm much more tightly so if you contact your computer mouse with some of your hands this mouse would be best.

This is unlike the FK collection where the arc is extra progressive, as well as users, will certainly tend to relax the base of their hand against the base of the mouse. They will have really little contact with the center of the computer mouse or their hand.

Very comparable computer mouse to the FK overall, it truly boils down to exactly how you position your hand on the computer mouse. If you are even more of a claw-palm crossbreed then this may fit your hand and also hold design much better than the FK series.

  • High hump for good support
  • Ambidextrous
  • Great cable like the FK1
  • Very lightweight
  • Anti-sweat coating
  • Scroll wheel needs improvement
  • Awkward to change polling rate

10. Ninox Venator Gaming Mouse

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To compete against the larger brands of Zowie as well as Logitech is the Ninox Venator. An ambidextrous mouse at a competitive rate with precision as well as the accuracy of all the various other computer mice on our list.

The Ninox Venator additionally boasts 3360 optical sensors so say goodbye to the discussion required in that department. It is a terrific sensing unit that will certainly offer every little thing you need.

The computer mouse can be changed from 400-12000 DPI as well as features a variety of pre-built profiles.


  • Length: 122mm
  • Width: 62mm
  • Height: 40mm
  • Weight: 79g

If there is one thing to say regarding the Venator is that it looks great. I actually like the layout of the best mouse. It is has a nice hump towards the back so the arc of the computer mouse provides wonderful assistance for claw grip users. It is even appropriate to claw-palm crossbreeds considering that the curvature is nice as well as will supply sufficient assistance for individuals that contact even more of the mouse.

When it comes to weight, the Ninox Venator is extremely light weighing in at 79g. This is the lightest of the mice on our checklist so something to think about if this is an important aspect to you. A great option for claw hold since it allows for easy snap aiming because of its lightness. Some might discover it also light though if it is coming from a larger computer mouse so it will likely spend some time to adapt.

The Ninox Venator has 6 buttons in total, 2 primary buttons, 2 side switches a scroll wheel as well as DPI button. The main buttons have an above ordinary travel time and also can travel better after the click signs up. This isn’t a huge concern however might be a problem for some players. Side switches have an ordinary travel time as well as are good quality.

The lift-off distance is around 2mm which is more than ample as well as supports two polling rate options of 500Hz as well as 1000Hz.

The one disadvantage to the Ninox Venator is its sturdiness. The computer mouse appears to make some rattling noises and also when held tightly there are some audible creeks from the plastic. However, for the cost, this is a wonderful computer mouse as well as easily matches a few of the others on this list.

  • 3360 Sensor
  • Brilliant value for money
  • Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2
  • Shell not as durable
  • Rattling noises from scroll wheel when shaken

What Is The Claw Grip?

The claw hold is where the player arches their hand as well as calls the computer mouse across the top part of their fingers.

This is different from the fingertip grasp which includes an extra distinctive arch and the use of the real pointers of the fingers to position the mouse.

For more details on the different mouse, grips look into our post on the various computer mouse grips here.

Features to Consider

When selecting a computer mouse there is a wide range of functions that you should be searching for. Right here is a list of the ones I assume are essential when picking a gaming mouse for your claw grasp.

SizeOptic & DPI (Dots Per Inch)ButtonsLift-off Distance (LOD)WeightCableDurability & Texture

The shapes and sizes of the computer mouse are necessary and also you ought to consider it based on your very own hand dimension. The size will certainly affect just how the mouse matches your hand as well as whether or not it is comfortable for your claw grip.

It is crucial for a computer mouse to have a top-notch optic to ensure precise as well as regular aiming. If you are an FPS player this is clearly more crucial.

Whether you call for buttons on your mouse or otherwise might be a deciding variable regarding which one you choose. Buttons are normally sought after for RPG or MMORPG games however can show beneficial in FPS titles too for the similarity grenades and more.

Liftoff range is the quantity of distance between the computer mouse and the surface prior to it stops registering activity. Usually talking, a high LOD is considered negative since it can develop unpredictable movements.

A lighter computer mouse is recommended for claw hold users since they call the computer mouse much less and typically purpose with the wrist. This provides less complicated a lot more active movement.

Cable television commonly goes unaddressed in mouse conversations however has actually been the reason I have returned mice in the past. This is usually an individual choice but relying on the kind of cable may trigger rubbing or resonances.

Resilience, as well as texture, work together because some mice may have a cheaper development quality which can affect both of these aspects. This is mostly personal choice yet can have a result on comfort and whether your hand sweats on specific materials.

Best Claw Grip Mouse (FAQs)

Is the G Pro good wireless claw grip mouse?

G Pro has a superb ergonomic design. It features an ambidextrous layout where you can easily change the side switches on either side of the mouse and even maintain two on one side. It is wonderful for right/left-handed users.

Is the claw grip mouse better?

The claw hold computer mouse permits comfortable wrist motions than the hand grasp computer mouse supplying much better control than fingertip grip alone.

What mouse grip is the best?

f you do not have pain or discomfort with your present grasp design, then you do not require to change to an additional hold design. Actually, we have different alternatives of claw hold and palm grip. Pick the one that is most comfortable for you.

What is a CG mouse?

The claw grip computer mouse is a device with a grasp that drops someplace between the fingertip hold and palm grip. Your bottom of the hand will rest on the surface area and the fingers will rise making a claw-like form.

What are the best claw grip mice for gamers?

We have actually assessed the top-ranking as well as very demanded a claw grip mouse in the above mentioned short article. Razer Viper Ultimate and G version O are the most rated in today’s market due to their specs.

Best Claw Grip Mouse of Final Words

So there you have it, my list of the very best claw grip mice on the marketplace. Pc gaming mice are getting better and also much better annually so it is obtaining significantly difficult to pick.

Overall the Razer Viper Ultimate is hands down the most effective selection. If the rate is outdoors your budget however I would suggest the Glorious Model O rather. I utilized the Glorious Model O for a lot of this year as my major computer mouse.

The Razer Viper Ultimate has actually since replaced it nonetheless so if you can validate the high cost after that you can not go wrong with what Razer has actually created top.

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