10 Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands 2020 Buying Guide

The best Gaming Mouse for small hands is continuously evolving, and it is essential to have the right size you’ve acquired on your own. In case you have large hands, you could have a lot of alternatives for you but in the event, you have small hands, it may be tricky as in which will be the ideal gaming mouse that you give you an advantage in gaming. Having small hands and you are using a mouse that does not support your movements well or does not let you do repetitive tasks such as clicking with ease can result in finger pain and also wrist tendonitis.

Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands

You have to keep your health on the perfect path by opting for the ideal gaming mouse for you. Currently, there’s a broad collection of Best Gaming Mouse Small Hands people to have a great time in gaming however those with small hands have a lesser number of options in hand. In addition, we have a gaming mouse buying guide which you may look at to know what are all the things to keep in mind before choosing the smallest gaming mouse!

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands Reviews

Are you prepared to check out the listing of the top 10 gaming mouse for small hands that are best for small hands? Let’s get started!

When it comes to owning a top gaming mouse for small hands, it is always critical that you get to decide on the ideal size. It’s the reason we’ve chosen to look at the best mouse for small hands. If you love gaming and you’ve got small hands, maybe not all of the mice available will most likely be great. With this list, you can always end up with the ideal model so that gaming can be improved.

While there’s a range of gaming mice, maybe not all of them are appropriate for users with the best gaming mouse for small hands. Many are large and heavy, making them unwieldy for these users. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best gaming mice for small hands, your choices are a bit limited.

Fortunately, there are quite a few mice that are designed to be both lightweight and small hands, which makes them perfect for the usage instance. There are options from respectable brands such as Cooler Master, Razer, and Glorious PCMR, and also every one those on the listing below are excellent smallest gaming mouse options.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 is one of the cleverest in terms of the way it is designed, which makes it pretty cool to look at. The listing of users suggests that it feels light and comfortable in your hands, especially in the event of someone having smaller hands. It’s a generally amazing mouse and that’s the reason you can find it on virtually all the guides on the Internet!

To earn gaming feel more pleasurable, the clasp for both vertical fingers and also the small thumb remainder are textured. It follows that you’ll be having a lot more stability and also getting a nice tactile feeling. The mouse comprises about 11 programmable buttons with three thumb buttons also.

Aside from being a big help for smaller hands, this works excellently well on Logitech Gaming Software. Coming to the performance of the mouse, you will have a great time gaming and giving you a competitive edge over others in terms of Online Game-play. Taking into consideration all the things this mouse needs to provide (its size, cost point, performance, programmable buttons, appearance, and so forth ), it’s safe to mention that the Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands!

The model comes with an intelligent design that ought to be one of the best things to happen to you. There is no doubt you’ll feel comfortable possessing a model that provides the best gaming options. You may now end up with a version that enables you to play better at all times. The dimensions of the mouse leave it the best for people who have small hands.

You can now find this being good for stability and also offers a nice tactile feeling. Another thing you’re going to enjoy about the model should be its own 11 programmable buttons. There’s not any doubt you’re going to have a great time in regards to using it. Another thing is that you get to relish the three thumb buttons too.

This version runs well on the Logitech Gaming Software like most other Logitech mice on the market. The program helps with making sure that you can manipulate the mouse to work just as well as you’d want. The model may also store up to three profiles, which should make it effortless to get into the settings with ease.

As for the functionality, you will have a good gaming mouse for small hands time in regard to working with the version. It will make things simpler for you in regards to games. The model includes the right price tag also, so you ought to certainly enjoy owning one today.

  • Excellent Buttons
  • Inexpensive
  • Intuitive and comfortable design
  • Big buttons
  • Streamlined software
  • Might not be the best for those with big hands
  • Software Errors

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G302 was designed in collaboration with professional MOBA players. This makes it a highly-specialized gaming mouse especially for MOBA games like LoL and Dota 2. The left-click button uses a metal spring which helps with rapid-fire clicking. The hair cause of this right-click is a double-edged sword however so be wary of resting your finger.

It also comes with 6 programmable buttons to get significant key controls that you need to gain access to at any given moment. The compact design of the Daedalus Prime will probably be a problem for those with bigger hands but it does have an overall average size when compared to most gaming mice.

Starting with the layout, you will get that the model is tiny and low to the ground. This is something that makes people like owning it at this time. For those who have small hands, they should find it being comfortable. It includes an accommodating shape that should make it worth owning one model at the moment. The model comes with some good features that should certainly be something worth checking out.

The model is created for MOBA gamers. You can now be certain it will really work for people who enjoy gaming. Some might find it is too small, but when it comes to the best gaming mouse for small hands, the model can deliver on several good features consistently. The model includes standard six buttons that allow for more functionality. One more thing is that you can readily change the DPI setting to where you want it. The sensitivity is something you are constantly likely to enjoy with this model.

As it works together with all the Logitech Gaming Software, you are going to have a good time when it comes to owning one. It is possible to set up the buttons to work as you desire. You can make certain to have a good time in regards to the overall use of the model beginning now. The program will automatically scan your computer to make sure that the mouse works great.

Those who have used the model always have some good things to say about the model. You can be sure to wind up with a good performance mouse for gaming.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent buttons
  • Extremely responsive. Perfect for MOBA games.
  • GUI allows for full customization of the functions.
  • Compact design and perfect for gamers who eagle claw grip.
  • Potential software errors
  • There’s no immediate way to check what DPI setting you are currently using. Adding a changing LED light to let you understand what DPI setting you are on will have been fine.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

Discuss top-notch design along with other functionalities, the Corsair Black Core RGB is right up there with some of the best mice in the industry. It sports a complete jet black look with its sporty vibe and it feels sturdy in your hands when using the wireless gaming mouse for small hands.

It weighs just about 128g along with the mouse comes with overall nine buttons. As per operation, you will have a good time using this version which won’t allow you to stress your hands as you are either scoping with a sniper or moving in an adrenal rush.

Additionally, it is likely to alter the DPI configurations to about 16,000. This is imperative since you can contact the perfect sensitivity for yourself and have an enjoyable gaming experience with the Corsair Dark Core — RGB. The textured wheel at the mouse can help in simple scrolling frequently, which won’t be of any problem when you need the mouse to help you in moving in a game. The Dark Core RGB was named as among the best mouse when it comes to overwatch!

The model comes with some impressive design attributes along with other plugins which should make it great for a gaming mouse for small hands. You’re always going to delight in its sporty stealthy jet-black look. This is something that makes sure you will enjoy using the version starting now. The design can also be good in regards to the overall construction. It merely feels sturdy. There’s no doubt you are going to have a good time in regards to owning a single.

This model is really great in terms of weight. It merely weighs 128g, which is marginally thicker for some people, but it’s still good for you to keep using over the years. The model also includes buttons. Next time you get to the game together with the model, you will definitely notice the changes.

So, how good is the performance? The model overall is good. It will supply you with the best gaming mouse for small hands in terms of functionality which should make it great when it comes to gaming with it. It’s possible to change the DPI settings to around 16,000 DPI. This is important to be certain you receive the best sensitivity to ensure you can enjoy using it out of today.

The version can easily operate in various states that need high responsiveness. The scrolling is smooth and constant. This is due to its telescopic wheel. There is not any doubt you’re likely to have a really good time in regards to the total use of this model. The LEDs on the version can deliver on some good performance that makes you like it even further.

  • Impressive battery life
  • Great responsiveness
  • Solid construction
  • Good Responsiveness
  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Limited customizability
  • Customizability is quite limited

HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

A layout that looks much different than other Gaming Mice, this is exactly what you get from HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse. It is so different that it makes you grip the mouse completely in an exceptional way and it fits well, especially for the best mouse for small hands.

Not merely the design and the way you hold, it’s comfortable and sturdy for a better gaming experience. It is a top-notch mouse and can be readily used without hassles of becoming additionally complicated. Another factor that makes this mouse likable is that the DPI adjustment could be done easily.

The mouse includes wireless connectivity and instead of Bluetooth technology it comes with a USB Dongle. This suggests that you can readily set it up with any USB Port, so there will not be some latency problems. The wonderful DPI alteration in the mouse makes a method for choosing the perfect sensitivity to you in getting a better gaming experience.

Overall, it’s a class apart with its looks and amazing features.

The design overall is unique. You will surely find it being distinct in regard to what you’re used to when it comes to the gaming mouse. The orientation of this mouse enables you to grip the model in another way. Its amazing design makes the design to be very ergonomic with an organic fitting feeling in the hand. It is definitely more comfortable when you even get together with different models in the marketplace. The design is also good on your wrist.

The design includes a vertical mouse of black plastic and also has a smooth texture to it in your hand. The model comes with six buttons. This model is really good when it comes to the overall use of the model. This makes it among the best gaming mouse for small hands that you use at the moment. It’s also simple in regards to DPI adjustment. This makes certain you have to enjoy owning one.

The model includes wireless connectivity. This model rather than using Bluetooth technologies for connectivity has a USB dongle. This means you can easily set this up with almost any USB port. The use of technology can be important to remove any latency issues. There’s not any doubt you’ll have a good time when it comes to using it right now.

This makes it ideal for you to choose the right sensitivity when it comes to the model. You can be certain it is going to provide some good performance features constantly.

  • The design of the mouse is pretty impressive
  • Strong Construction
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Impressive design
  • Comes with no batteries

Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Logitech always delivers when it comes to their PC peripherals along with the G300s succeeds as the best gaming mouse for small hands-on on all fronts. The G300s comes with nine customizable buttons for important shortcut commands, giving gamers the advantage during high-pressure seconds where every movement is crucial.

Additionally, it will come with three customizable profiles in its memory. This means you won’t have to constantly customize your controls for every game. Each profile has a designated color light so you will know precisely what profile you are using.

The DPI is also decent with a 250 to 2500 setting which you can change depending on your preference. Logitech’s G300s can be intended for easy use as customizing the atmosphere is quite straightforward. It also auto-detects the sort of game you’re playing so that it can configure itself to your needs. The mouse is designed to withstand 10 million clicks so longevity isn’t much of a problem here.

This is just another top performance model which it is possible to use for gaming right now. The design comes with all the best in terms of getting the ambidextrous design. With this layout, you get a version that may be employed by people who are either left-handed or right-handed. You may get that the top of the mouse includes a grey matte finish. It is generally smooth under the hand so that you may feel comfortable in regards to utilizing it. It should be ideal for most people.

This version is wired. Well, with a few people preferring the wireless models, you will still enjoy using this one. This is because the wired model helps you to achieve an accurate 1000Hz ultra polling rate. You can make sure that your shots will currently be accurate as ever. This is something that drives more people to think of finding the model for themselves.

Another good thing about this version is the fact that it is a plug and play version. This means you don’t need to worry about installing drivers. It’s however recommended that you download the setup software from Logitech’s website. The configuration of the model makes it possible that you enjoy using the model beginning today with so much ease. It helps you to customize the model to the way you would like it.

This model is seen to acquire great in terms of gaming. This is due to its attributes which make it great for fps gaming or any casual usage. As a result of the low cost, you should get many people interested in getting it today.

When you wonder about some of the top-rated Gaming Mice, the Logitech G300s is up there. It’s among the best mice to have and it comes with an ambidextrous design. This means that whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can use it easily and it won’t influence your performance.

It has a gray matte finish at the top of the mouse and is smooth to hold. Well, about being comfortable in gaming, right?

Another aspect of the mouse which makes it distinct from others is that it does not attract smudges or stains. To make it clear for you, it is a wired model and it’s evident that lots of people prefer wireless but you will still love using this mouse. You understand, why? The reason being this version aids in achieving 1000 Hz ultra polling speed and that assists in getting more accurate shots in your gaming. That is some extra technical information that you gulp in.

We appear to be discussing quite a few benefits, why not one more? Since it is a plug and play version, you do not need to install any drivers. But, hang on the market, it is still suggested that you download the setup software from the official site of Logitech.

This model has a charm of its own with a lot of features and also extremely good to get FPS Gaming, which matters much when you are a hardcore gamer.

  • The ambidextrous design of the mouse
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable lighting
  • The nine-button configuration could be entirely customized for the tailor-made gaming experience.
  • This mouse may be used for both gaming and also for work due to its nine additional buttons for shortcuts.
  • A terrific caliber Logitech gaming mouse at this price point is a superb thing.
  • The mouse does feel hollow at times
  • The Logitech G300 is rather small. Smaller than ordinary, in reality. This may be a problem for gamers with bigger hands.

Razer DeathAdder Elite Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse for small hands in the shape of Razer DeathAdder Elite is not just about its layout and looks but also its functionality is top class. You will find textured grips around the thumb area and the two palms for providing a comfortable gaming experience. It has a fair illumination around the mouse to give you some cool attributes and that is something many manufacturers fail to see as it’s an attractive feature in the mouse.

What do you believe?

The design comes with the best in terms of design. You ought to be in a position to end up with a model that can deliver on good design and functionality. It’s the reason you get to enjoy this one starting today. The version can also be ergonomically contoured on either side. With is with an aim to be sure the user feels comfortable when using it. Possessing the textured grips is also good concerning the thumb and the outermost two palms. There’s no doubt you’ll love it.

The model runs on the Razer Synapse 2.0 software. This is only one of the best software on the market in regards to the customization of the gaming mouse. You ought to have a great time when it comes to the overall customization starting now. You’ll find the interface of this software being easily navigable to assist with setting up profiles for gaming.

The consumers will enjoy the RGB lighting. The version includes RGB lighting that should complete the look of almost any gaming setup. With your gaming rig light up, then you need to definitely use this model too. It is possible to correct the DPI around 16,000. This is great to make sure it can deliver on the best performance always. Using its DPI configurations, you can have the mouse in its best sensitivity for gaming.

For people who have used the model for gaming, they could agree that it is among the best. It is not too small that it seems uncomfortable. You can make sure to have a good time when it comes to the total use of the model.

When it comes to PC gaming, Razer certainly has a good foothold on the market and it’s not tough to see why. The DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse is made for use by professional gamers and in eSports tournaments. It gets the moniker of having the most precise sensor by having an amazing 16000 DPI in 450 IPS. This delivers a resolution precision as high as 99.4percent for laser point precision during extreme PvP battles.

As expected from a Razer product, the DeathAdder has a stylish yet ergonomic design with rubber side grips for a comfortable and optimal gaming experience. In terms of durability, this mouse features a 50 million click lifespan that blows the top gaming mouse for small hands from the water. The scroll wheel has ridges for amazing tactile feedback. The DPI change buttons enable you total control of your cursor speed if you will need lightning-quick movement or slower sensitivity for lining up precise shots.

  • Top-Notch Software
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Illumination is spot on
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great software
  • Pretty illumination
  • Nothing much in terms of cons
  • No built-in memory for quick profile switching.

Tecknet Professional Ergonomic Optical Wired Computer Gaming Mouse

Tecknet Professional Ergonomic Optical Wired Computer Gaming Mouse

This is only one of the best gaming mouse for small hands when it comes to overall performance. It does have the best when it comes to making it great for gaming. For many people, it stands out as the best for high precision gaming. There is no doubt you will enjoy owning one now. The manufacturer makes the gaming precision better by delivering on a 2000DPI sensor. This also contributes to the users using the best answer once it comes to using the model today.

Another good thing is that the version can be used on any surface. As a result, you can find folks using it also on reflective or transparent surfaces such as glass. With such kind of operation, it must definitely be simple to use one for gaming actions. The mouse is also good in terms of construction. You will feel it is generally sturdy.

The design is also on a different level. You’ll discover that the model fits comfortably in the hand. This is excellent so you can have an easy time in regards to using it on the entire. It has a minimal friction underside which makes it possible for the model to glide over almost any surface. There’s not any doubt you will enjoy using it starting now.

The model created as a winning combination. This is due to the fact that the version is designed with gamers in mind. You may always enjoy owning it now as it could deliver on a smooth operation. You’ll also like the braided cable since it assures the use of durability. It is not going to break down any time soon.

  • Affordable model
  • Ergonomically fits in the hand
  • Adjustable dpi setting
  • None for the price

Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB

Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB

The Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB is also an easy to use, plug, and play gaming mouse with impressive features. It’s preconfigured right from the box to deliver the best performance with no need for extra installs or tweaks. It features a 6,000 DPI optical gaming sensor which makes it perfect for FPS games with its smooth and precise movement. The lightweight design makes for easier lift and movement.

As expected with a Corsair gaming mouse for small hands, it enables full customization too as a result of its Corsair Utility Engine (CUE). It is possible to customize the mouse’s pointer speed and polling rate and personalize the 6 buttons’ work as well as the RGB lighting as well (based on the logo). The Harpoon has a 20 million click lifespan which delivers longevity in spades too. It is definitely something you need to check out if you’re interested in a perfect balance between functionality and price.

  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for novice and pro gamers.
  • The ABS and rubber grips alongside the ergonomic design make it nice and snug to hold.
  • Budget-friendly for a great-quality gaming mouse.
  • The GUI may be a bit difficult to navigate at times because of the occasional bug.

Razer Naga Chroma – Ergonomic RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Chroma - Ergonomic RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

Just as its name suggests, Naga Chroma provides the user access to a broad spectrum of colors with which they can map their profiles and revel in late-night MMO games. It has up to 16.8 million color choices just like other gaming mouse versions by Razer but it is its size that makes it fit for the best mouse for small hands.

This mouse measures 4.7 inches in length and 0.3 pounds in weight or less with no cable, Naga Chroma boasts of other amazing comfort features like the keyboard-like mechanical thumb grid consisting of 12 programmable tactile buttons at a concave shape allowing each switch to stand alone on its own for easy pressing.

Additionally, it will come with an exceptional tilt-scroll wheel that does not just go up and down but also shifts to the left and right. 16000 DPI sensor and 1000 Hz polling rate make the Naga Chroma top in precision with a minimum speed of up to 210 inches per second / 50 G. finally, with 19 programmable buttons, this mouse proceeds to offer you the widest customizable options.

  • 19 programmable buttons
  • 16000 DPI optical sensor
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Tilt-scroll wheel
  • 12 programmable buttons
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • It does not have batteries

BenQ Zowie EC2 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Esports

BenQ Zowie EC2 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Esports

Zowie EC2-A features an extremely comfortable ergonomic right-handed design that’s smooth and rounded along with higher adjustability features including a flexible DPI to four degrees in 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 points and an adjustable polling rate at 125, 500, and 1000 Hz points.

Additionally included in its layout are 5 programmable buttons. This places it above par in terms of performance with minimal lagging and acceleration. Additionally, it features a 16-step scroll wheel making it incredibly responsive.

Zowie EC2-A includes a lift-off distance ranging between 1.5 and 1.8 mm to give it excellent optical sensitivity. If you think about ample area for wrist movements an important relaxation attribute then this will be the mouse for you.

This mouse is for the lazy ones who wish to play the moment the mouse arrives in your home. This best mouse for small hands doesn’t have tiring software installation and drivers required just plug it into your PC and start playing.

Ergonomic design solely for right-handed users. It provides users a larger room for wrist motions. The shape of the ideal side of this mouse is nicely rounded. It allows the consumer’s fingertips to hold/cover the mouse to move smoothly. EC Series comes in 2 dimensions to fulfill unique needs. The medium and the large size. DONT worry about small hand customers! Women find this midsize ideal while big size matches well to office men!

This Optical mouse with optimal lift-off distance makes it effortless to use and never miss any detail on your screen. It comes with four types of DPI adjustment i.e, 400/ 800/ 1600/ 3200. Its 2m long cable also lets the user switch. The characteristic to get emphasized is its own lightweight. The shape Is Extremely comfy to accommodate any style of traction whether it palm or claw

  • No drivers required
  • High-level compatibility
  • Ergonomic design
  • 4 sets of DPI adjustments
  • Very light. Multiple slight-variant models for different hand sizes.
  • Lack of configuration software can be a pro or a con, depending on user.
  • Sensor has a limited dpi range. Lack of tweakable options.
  • Like-priced mice with more features are a better value.
  • A bit low sensitivity

Which Is The Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands Buying


First are you sure you have small hands?

To measure your hand length, you will need a ruler or a tape measure. Start from the base of your hand, around the crease of your wrist, and then move all the way into the tip of your ring finger. This measurement is the hand size, and whether or not it drops below 7 1/2 inches, then you have small hands. Your immediate objective now is to find a mouse that sits comfortably within your palms without protruding from both sides.

Unlike individuals with large hands, your options are plentiful. The market is brimming with mouse devices which are compact and feature-rich. Small mouse apparatus can range from 6 1/4 inches to 8 inches. That covers nearly 75 percent of the entire mouse market. Therefore, finding the perfect mouse shouldn’t be difficult at all.

There’s 1 drawback to getting plenty of choices. Picking a perfect mouse can become indecisiveness and take you apart from your aims. Our assortment of mouse reviews will give you an in-depth understanding of every model plus compare them against each other for differences. Using this guide and our reviews, you ought to find the perfect mouse for your small hands. Thus, let’s begin.

So, ultimately, we’re done together with the Best Gaming Mouse for smaller hands from a range of different brands listed above in the report. All of them have their own set of different features and designs which makes it unique in their own way with some of the mice using a very different appearance to some other mouse with different RGBs.

Frankly, all the Gaming Mice recorded are Top-Notch also it comes down to individual preferences. Technically speaking, what makes the difference could a greater ultra polling speed, DPI Sensitivity, or even the software but this is only one of the aspects.

What gave this Mouse an advantage over others were many elements, which range from using 11 programmable buttons with three keys. Also, it provides you a great grip to get a smoother gaming experience.

Apart from that, we also had a peek at other consumer testimonials all over the world wide web. The Majority of the folks went for this Gaming Mouse, HANDS DOWN! Simply speaking, the winner out of this list is the G502 Proteus Spectrum from Logitech since it ticks off the majority of the boxes, and also it is rated very highly by the people who have bought it previously.

So, what best gaming mouse for small hands Have you been going forward with it?

Do You Use Your Right Or Left Hand?

The very first question to ask yourself is if you’re left or right-handed. If you’re the latter, then your choices remain plentiful. However, if you’re left-handed, you have to be careful with the version you select. With left-handed users being a fraction of the entire market, manufacturers do not pay sufficient attention to exclusive left-handed designs. Nonetheless, there are certain versions designed for left-handed or ambidextrous individuals.

For right-handers, you can skip this section and move on ahead to another one.

For all you left-handers on the market, here is how you find the right mouse. Manufacturers don’t exclusively mention if their device is meant to get left-handers. They do however give you sufficient pictures. Additionally, you can create a safe assumption by simply looking at these pictures.

When a mouse has dimples or shape to the left of the mouse, it most definitely is a left-handed mouse. But if the left half appears exactly like the ideal half, this is an ambidextrous mouse, and it will suit you nicely.

Does Weight Matter If You Have Small Hands?

A number of mouse buying guides strain on the weight of a mouse as a significant gaming standard. We also believe that a weighted mouse feels better in gaming. However, if you have little hands, the weight isn’t a major matter. In reality, a heavy mouse will feel cumbersome and slow normal movement.

Nevertheless, it is always advantageous to buy a mouse that utilizes multiple weights. You get the opportunity to control the weight of your mouse and so mold it to your liking. Remember that more weight will push the mouse down and enhance precision, but less fat will give it a quicker response and make it agile.

Are Buttons Galore - But How Many Is Too Many?

Gaming mice now come with over three buttons, but because you’ve got small hands, you can’t go crazy with the number of buttons. Everything you can do however is getting a gaming computer keyboard with keys that are more macro.

Another choice is to get buttons operable with only the thumb. For right-handers, this is not an issue as the majority of gaming mouse have thumb buttons to the left. To get a left-hander, however, you need to thoroughly examine the images online for buttons to the right.

Just how many buttons do you really need? This depends on your personal kind of gaming and what kind of games you play. MMO gamers will obviously need more buttons, but FPS mouse can perform with four or five buttons in total. We propose getting a mouse with one button minimum for DPI switch and at least two additional buttons aside from the left, correct, and middle-scroll buttons.

Reputable Brand Versus Newcomers

When you have numerous alternatives to pick from, choosing a brand may get involved. Because you can use just about any gaming mouse, unless intended for bigger hands, brand awareness is critical. Larger brands charge a lot more money whereas new companies tend to stick to a comparatively lax pricing strategy.

Our advice is first to figure out the appropriate mouse size, button count, and also other features you will need for optimum gaming performance before looking at the brand new. Personally speaking, we locate new brands just as dependable as recognized reputed brands. Though, the latter often provides better customer support worldwide.

DPI Settings And How It Helps Small Hands

DPI of a mouse modulates how fast or slow the onscreen cursor moves. For a gamer, having multiple DPI settings that you can immediately switch between is handy. Any gaming mouse must have this essential feature. What we recommend though is to purchase a gaming mouse that lets you decide the specific DPI for every profile.

Typically, mouse producers hardcode DPI settings into their products so that you can’t change them later. Some companies provide you software that works with your particular mouse model helping you to modify the DPI settings for each profile or measure.

Small hands exert less fat on the mouse than large hands. Less fat, in turn, leads to reduced stability in movement and mouse tracking. Standard DPI settings and choices from the manufacturer may not suit your particular type of gameplay. Using a compatible application, it is possible to tweak the DPI settings, to get refined gameplay.

Wired vs WirelessCustom Profiles And MacrosPriceThe Right Way To Use A Mouse

We just cannot stress the value of a wired gaming mouse over wireless. Wiring doesn’t have anything to do with your hand size but what to do with precision and gaming advantage. Wireless devices take more time to register movement onscreen as opposed to wired devices. The excess milliseconds a wireless apparatus takes can mean life and death in a game.

Require FIFA for example. In a one-vs-one manner, pitching a wired control against a wireless control gave the former a small benefit. When gaming abilities are similar, the only benefits available are through gaming peripherals. Moreover, wired mouse price significantly less than wireless, and the money you save can go into a better headset or computer keyboard.

The dependency on custom buttons might vary dependent on the game. Some games require far more combos and macros while some games may get away with only the fundamental three-button setup. Unless you intend on sticking with only 1 genre of gaming, you should look for a mouse that provides you the capability to change the setup and profiles custom macros.

Let’s take the case of a gaming mouse small hands with five buttons because it is the ideal number for your small hands. The left and right buttons up top are trivial and certainly will do the basic tasks in a game. However, the rest of the buttons may find out a specific combination of keys or substitute individual keystrokes on your keyboard allowing you to create custom combo moves.

Naturally, more macro and profile choices equivalent to more costly as it entails using separate software that lets you map mouse buttons. However, you will find new brands that provide you the very same capabilities as trusted manufacturers with mapping software for a lesser cost. The only disadvantage is that the software can be unstable or even in another language.

For a gamer, the cost of a gaming peripheral is probably the last thing on his head. But, we all must work within a budget. Since you have small hands, you will not be needing a lot of buttons. But you will need better accuracy and greater control over DPI. You’ll also require variable weights in your mouse to personalize the feel to your liking.

You may find all these attributes and a lot more in less than $50 if you’re on a small budget. If money is of no concern for you, renowned brands have their flagship models that you can buy blindfolded.

You are able to do all the research on the planet, read all our reviews but if you do not use the mouse properly, then all was in vain.

If you use a mouse properly, it stays comfortably in your hands. If it feels awkward but is the correct size to your hands, then you aren’t using it right.

Here’s a Fast guide to appropriate hand position and positioning:

Use the mouse foundation for a break for your own hands. By doing this, you keep your hands completely off the desk and onto the mouse. Putting your entire hands on the mouse helps evenly distribute pressure and prevents carpal tunnel syndrome (a common condition among specialist gamers).

Always stretch your fingers out so that it reaches the border of the mouse buttons. It is okay for your palms to operate beyond the brink of the mouse by an inch but not more. If the mouse fully fits in your hands with the spillover on either side, get a larger size now.

To maneuver the mouse, utilize your entire forearm together with your hand and wrist. Doing this helps evenly distribute the pressure across your entire upper body thus reducing the stress felt on your wrists.

Eventually, click softly. Under stress, the natural tendency would be to click harder but only eat away prized Exercise clicking lightly so that the palms memorize the minimal force necessary to depress each switch. In the warmth of gaming, muscle memory can help you squeeze that extra performance.

Best Gaming For Small Hands (FAQs)

What is the Best gaming mouse for smaller hands?

The best gaming mouse for small hands would be the Logitech G Pro Wireless. The ambidextrous design and overall size are best for smaller hands while its characteristics are powerful enough to kick everything else out of the list. While this could really be a costly option, if you are around the budget for the G Pro Wireless, then I can guarantee you, every penny spent is well worth it.

Just how much do I need to purchase the Best gaming mouse for small hands?

The Logitech G Pro Wireless will set you back $130. Regardless of the purchase price, the energy and the comfort of the mouse are simply unparalleled. You will surely get everything that you have paid for in this mouse and maybe even more.

But if you’re not able to do so, then the next best one is its wired G Pro brother. which you can get for a sale price of under $55 on Amazon. The G Professional is but one of the best gaming mice that Logitech produced using a very wonderful grip and manage and for $55, this is readily the lightest option for small gaming mouse use.

What is the most economical Best gaming mouse for small hands?

The cheapest best gaming mouse for small hands in the list would also function as Logitech G Pro wired. For just $55, you already have the mouse which may do everything.

But if you are actually searching for the bang for the dollar in the record, I’d say that the weapon of choice would be the Razer Naga Trinity. For just $79.99, the degree of customization that it’s is unparalleled. If you’re a man like me who loves playing games around all kinds of genres, then the Razer Naga Trinity will be your next gaming mouse.

Are smaller mice better for gaming?

Smaller mice are fairly good for not just daily usage but also gaming. They’re lightweight, convenient for fingertip grip, and good for small hand gamers.

How do I choose the right gaming mouse?

whilst picking a gaming mouse, there are lots of facts to take into account. To start with, look at shape and size and get based on your hand size and grip fashion. Then select from connectivity choice, DPI setting, amount of programs, and applications that provide customization preferences, etc.

What mice do pro gamers use?

There are a few show that the Majority of the Guru gamers use such as the Logitech G502, SteelSeries Sensei, Zowie FK Collection, Corsair and Razer DeathAdder, etc.

How should I hold my mouse for gaming?

The best way to maintain a mouse whilst gaming is by way of a hands-on grip. It permits you to hold it even more stable and firm with buttons within your reach, and your game fast and smooth.

What mouse grip should I use?

mouse traction largely depends upon hand dimensions or mouse dimensions occasionally. For bigger palms, claw grip is more convenient, and also for smaller palms, hands grip works best.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands of Final Thoughts

There is always a gaming mouse acceptable for your hand size. Whether you’ve got a large, moderate, or small-sized hand, you merely have to look a little harder to find the one that matches perfectly. While a comfortable fit may not be the only factor that contributes to a terrific gaming experience, it plays a critical role.

As you can see from the listing above, it’s always possible to end up with a top performance mouse for gaming or some other activity if you’ve got small hands. Even most of the mice on the listing are all within the budget range, which means you may buy them even when you are on a budget. Go on and decide on the one which you’ll surely enjoy.

The best mouse for small hands is a boon in disguise for gamers. You can move fast, your responses are fast, and you can get the best results only with the right mouse. The perfect combination of buttons, weight, button placement, size, applications, DPI settings, and macros will decide your competitive edge.

If you weren’t heavily invested in gaming, we’d recommend sticking with almost any mouse that fits your hand size and your own orientation. However, to get a serious gamer, the best mice for small hands can make a great deal of difference. Therefore, stick to restricted buttons, pick something with variable weight pegs along with a customization program.

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