10 Best Mouse for Csgo 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

CS: GO is a wonderful instance of a game, where efficiency can be adequately improved with the appropriate gizmos. A good gaming mouse for CS: GO is currently a must-have for each severe gamer.

Best Mouse for CsgoA tough tool with high sensitivity and hassle-free extra buttons will certainly give far better navigating in the video game and aid speed up some essential activities.

In a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you require to take every item of advantage that you locate. This suggests obtaining the best equipment, and of course, obtaining the best mouse for CS: Go SUPPORT the very best keyboard. With a lot of options to select from, it can be difficult to choose which one to go with.

A CS: GO professional mouse will assist you to play smoother and also have specialist video gaming sessions. While it won’t always make you a better player, it will undoubtedly open you to the opportunity of becoming one.

A video gaming mouse for CS: GO needs to really feel good and be receptive. After all, in Counter-Strike there aren’t way too many additional features aside from capturing, so you won’t need a mouse with more than 8 switches.

10 Best Mouse for Csgo 2021 Reviews

In the list below you can find the best mice for CS: GO that are often utilized by specialists. Each version is of very top quality and also shows great performance, each mouse is capable of greatly boosting your GO video gaming once you locate the perfect balance of settings.

The factor is, whether you’re searching for a mouse to choose the best gaming for CSGO or you’re just searching for a day-to-day gaming gadget, many factors should be thought about in making your choice. This list should help, as well as with finding the best gaming mouse 2021. It will certainly do so by revealing to you the very best CSGO gamer that uses each one, supplied in a helpful checklist right after each mouse listing.

1. Logitech G502

This design operates the very best sensing unit of the programmer with up to 16,000 DPI which shows really exceptional outcomes, the reason that this is thought about the best CS: GO gaming mouse.

On the covering, you will locate 11 personalized switches, and also inside there is a memory component that can memorize the actions appointed to them to ensure that all the settings will immediately be indicated wherever you connect the computer mouse.

A fascinating touch that numerous specialists appreciate is the adjustable weight system that permits you to make the device as hefty or light-weight as you favor by moving around the five detachable 0.12 oz weights.

Another adjustable feature is the RGB lights that might be useful for interplay.

  • Sturdy body with a premium feel
  • Low click latency
  • Numerous programmable buttons
  • Recognized by Win and macOS
  • Uncomfortable in miniature hands
  • Rigid wire
  • Misclicks occur with extra buttons

2. BenQ Zowie EC2-B

This design operates the very best sensing unit of the programmer with up to 16,000 DPI which shows really exceptional outcomes, the reason that this is thought about the best CS: GO gaming mouse.

On the covering, you will locate 11 personalized switches, and also inside there is a memory component that can memorize the actions appointed to them to ensure that all the settings will immediately be indicated wherever you connect the computer mouse.

A fascinating touch that numerous specialists appreciate is the adjustable weight system that permits you to make the device as hefty or light-weight as you favor by moving around the five detachable 0.12 oz weights.

Another adjustable feature is the RGB lights that might be useful for interplay.

  • Good mouse feet
  • Operating on a 3360 sensor
  • The bendy plastic cable that doesn’t get caught easily
  • Side buttons secure from accidental clicks
  • The scroll wheels color is tied to CPI/DPI

3. Corsair M55

This low-cost gaming mouse has not only a high-grade component base but likewise a very comfy as well as completely balanced style, being just one of the best gaming mice for CS: Opt For left-handed individuals.

What is really excellent is that you can get this model just for $30. It is based on the tried and true optical sensing unit PMW3327, which meets the fairly high demands of gamers of different courses. What is furthermore pleasing is the set up primary Omron switches with a source of 50 million clicks, which is rarely seen in-game controllers in this price group.

Likewise, do not ignore the innovative software program that allows you to personalize the mouse the way you require it. Thus, this model is a respectable ambidextrous gaming computer mouse.

  • Low price
  • Robust body
  • Ambidextrous
  • Low click-latency
  • Irregular sensitivity
  • Stiff wire

4. SteelSeries Rival 300

The mouse is now used by several specialist eSports gamers as well as can furthermore be taken into consideration as the very best gaming mouse for CS: GO.

The device shows outstanding qualities: one of the most responsive mechanical buttons, a splendid optical sensing unit with the capacity to switch over the resolution “on the fly”, a practical real estate that quickly becomes belonging to the palm of your hand.

The SoftTouch plastic, which is also sensitive to stains and also dirt, along with the absence of a nylon cord intertwined somewhat ruin the picture but this is not a big deal nevertheless due to the fact that the gizmo perfectly handles the jobs appointed to it.

The model most definitely stands over the market standard as well as permits much modification satisfying any kind of gamer.

  • PixArt Optical Sensor PMW3310
  • On-the-go sensitivity switch
  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Independent RGB backlight
  • Soft-touch-plastic gets dirty and is hard to clean
  • The cable lacks nylon braiding
  • Too-rigid side grips

5. Razer Viper Ultralight

If you want a mouse for CS: GO that will offer just as well for ordinary jobs, this could be a wonderful design. It is extremely receptive and also has a global shape for any type of hold and also hand.

This is a computer mouse for those that prefer one of the most lightweight builds so the followers of heftier devices can skip. It was intentionally made insubstantial as well as removed of resistance, offering a feel there is only your hand to command the video game.

For eSports, this design is excellent, supplying lightning-fast responses as well as a high level of sensitivity to motion which enhances your video gaming performance. The only substantial imperfection right here would be the price, the $79.99 tag being much from budget-friendly.

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Great optics
  • DPI switch underneath
  • Bendy cord
  • Price
  • The sensor requires adaptation time
  • Side buttons aren’t really efficient

6. G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360

It is well constructed, sensitive, and also performant. There can be some switch wobble, particularly of the wheel, but that is not highly pronounced.

The mouse is of the light-weight type as well as many players declare that it has actually improved their intending as well as permitted decreasing the DPI.

The customizable functions are easy to establish in the software application. This is a great mouse with the sensor, body, as well as cord being of excellent quality as well as ease.

  • Exceptional performance
  • Sturdy ergonomic body
  • Ambidextrous usability
  • Bulky design
  • Shifting of the scroll wheel

7. Razer Lancehead

An additional suitable choice amongst the CS: GO Pro computer mice has a good global form, a wonderful optical sensor, high-quality primary essential switches, as well as a scroll wheel that is pleasant in every way.

The disadvantages consist of a raw software program that does not allow you to make use of the built-in memory and a rather odd performance of the side tricks, the energetic use of which might not be really convenient. According to the combination of characteristics, the Razer Lancehead TE is an excellent and modern video gaming computer mouse that can be easily advised for purchase to hardcore players.

  • Good universal shape
  • Wonderful optical sensor
  • High-quality main key switches
  • Nice scroll wheel
  • Expensive

8. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Once upon a time, it was thought about a crime to use wireless mice in FPS. Generally, that would certainly be gotten the other gamers to bully you due to the fact that wireless gaming indicates larger latency as well as various other efficiency errors. Yet the Logitech G Pro Wireless is definitely the most effective CS: GO mouse if you’re considering going wireless.

Coming up with another ambidextrous style without additional wrongdoings, the Logitech G Pro offers us an advanced innovation that was made to bring wireless professional mice back into the discussion table.

It has a rechargeable battery that enables you to have more than 40 hrs of gameplay, (seems like a complete weekend break to me). It also comes with the specific HERO Sensing unit, which delivers smooth performance with much less battery-life usage. This is an additional light mouse on our checklist, with a weight of 81 grams to make you really feel lightweight also.

Ok, so this is computer mouse is cordless, so what? Well, allow us to clarify that indicates lots of things:

  • No unneeded wires getting twisted.
  • No wire limits to walk around your computer mouse like you’re playing a symphony.
  • Likewise no clutch with the wire behind the desktop computer.
  • Obviously, it’s alright if you still lean right into a wired alternative,

However, you can’t refute that wireless gaming opens an entire new globe of possibilities that you may also simply experiment with for yourself.

Logitech handled to provide a great design. The switches? Crispy. The wheel? Circulations like a river. The finishing and feet? Respectable as well as smooth. The side buttons are configurable, so that’s Logitech offering a huge shout out to lefties.

Thinking of going wireless with a mouse that will give you every little thing wired mouse deals and a little a lot more? After that, you can securely choose the Logitech G Pro Wireless. The wireless element of this computer mouse just makes it stick out, yet we make sure it would certainly’ve done that also without that feature. The light-weight it’s a win. Having no lag is a win. The HERO sensing unit is a win. Truly, a pro-CS: GO computer mouse worth the shot. No surprise why Logitech is the second most recommended brand among pro gamers.

  • Ambidextrous.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Crispy and responsive clicks
  • The cost.

9. BenQ Zowie FK2

Another computer mouse worth pointing out that additionally comes from Zowie, it’s the Zowie FK2. It has all the excellent functions of the EC2-A series, yet this design has an ambidextrous design. Zowie truly did their study and also developed a mouse that would certainly feel good in the right-hand men (as well as in the left hands).

Zowie coordinated with another legend of Counter-Strike to come up with the FK line, Filip “NEO” Kubski aid create it and followers freaked out over the ambidextrous design. Like the Zowie EC2-A designs, the FK2 has a 3310 optical sensor that is very receptive. The DPI coincides with other designs and varieties from 400/800/1600/ 3200 DPI which is inevitably what you need to have smooth gameplay.

What regarding the layout? Well, apart from being ambidextrous this computer mouse has a flatter design than other models. This addition only makes good sense since Zowie has a recognized goal of giving form for every single gamer to make sure that no person’s neglected in the pro mice arena. As well as if the EC2 really did not obtain you, after that the FK2 will certainly do. The buttons are rather difficult to press, yet nothing impossible to do.

Like most Zowie products, the Zowie FK2 includes the Plug as well as Play choice, since you recognize that setting up chauffeurs is never ever part of the complete experience. There is a newer variation of this item, the FKB-2, but that loses the side buttons on the right side, and that makes it a much less excellent option for all the left-handed people on the planet.

Okay, perhaps Zowie’s products aren’t precisely the most affordable out there, however, you get what you pay for. The degree of convenience, as well as efficiency, isn’t something you would certainly get with a 10 buck Wallmart computer mouse.

Is Zowie FK2 the very best mouse for CSGO left-handed gamers? Well, it undoubtedly does its work, so we can make a certainty on that particular one. But even if you’re not a left-handed person, you can enjoy the straightforward yet exact layout of the FK2 without any inconvenience.

  • It’s lightweight.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Minimalistic
  • Hard to push buttons.
  • Somewhat expensive

10. SteelSeries Sensei Ten

Last on this list, we obtained the SteelSeries Sensei Ten. SteelSeries has actually been creating video gaming hardware for over 15 years, so they seem to know what they’re doing. The name 10 (天) is the Chinese/Japanese character for “paradise”. That’s a method to state that this model transcends the limits of what a gaming mouse is meant to do.

A word on style: It’s minimalistic, sophisticated, and yet effective. It can benefit a deathmatch in the middle of Nuke and afterward pass as your classic office mouse. Its attractive contours make it a suit for mostly all sorts of hold designs. It’s one of the best ambidextrous mice out there provided its flexibility and level of convenience.

The Sensei 10 resembles a lot of mice in this list; there is no unnecessary gimmick in its body. It has just what you truly need on an FPS like Counter-Strike. It prioritizes performance over added attributes. Behind the scenes, it has an optical sensing unit called TrueMove Pro that can track activities at a DPI of 18,000 at a 1,000-Hz-per-millisecond ballot price.

You can likewise customize every little thing through the totally free SteelSeries Engine 3 software program. You can readjust the RGB illumination, the DPI, and alter the switches.

This mouse is one of the very best options available for CS: GO pro mice. It’s light, not so pricey, as well as practical. And also while that does not suggest that you’ll eliminate the various other teams any faster, it’s absolutely an advantage to play with a computer mouse that helps you create your skills like a pro player.

  • Very comfortable design.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Amazing sensor performance
  • The side rubbers aren’t as durable as the mouse body

How to Choose a Mouse for CS: GO?


It is globally important whenever you are seeking the most sensitive gadget. Some confuse this term with DPI however that is wrong.

Matters Per Inch is a value that mentions the number of counts the device will certainly send out per each inch it travels.

With an 800 CPI worth, the inch will relocate the arrow for 800 pixels. This worth shows the sensitivity of the mouse however will not cause much better general efficiency.


It exists to quicken the movement of the arrow in communication with the rate you related to the tool itself. In some respects, this can be quite valuable however professionals declare that this attribute commonly interferes with the gameplay rather than assisting.

Physical Sensitivity

This is something players typically transform to match the particular pc gaming scenarios. It relies upon an entire option of parameters that work together, the turn area as well as span, MPI, API, and also more. You will certainly require to set up one of the most convenient mixes of settings on your own.

Windows Sensitivity

If you choose the best mouse for CS Go, you will likely apply it to various other uses and after that, the Windows setup for the level of sensitivity will require to be fine-tuned initially. It alters the general efficiency of the device throughout the system, not just the game.

Best Mice for CS: Go (FAQs)

Which mouse do CS: GO pros use?

Our team believes it is Logitech G502.

What mouse do most pros use?

Logitech G502 or BenQ Zowie EC2-B.

Do you need a mouse to play CSGO?

You can do without a gaming mouse in this video game but it makes points much easier. The added buttons conserve you a lot of time by instantaneously performing any activities you consider crucial. It will certainly take a while to obtain used to yet the device will make it tougher to defeat you.

Is Zowie the best mouse?

BenQ Zowie EC2-B is a fantastic tool, which is verified by its appeal, as well as we provide it a high score however a far better option exists in our viewpoint.


Now that you have actually been through this list regarding the best mice for CS: GO, you can with confidence and securely take a choice on your gaming gear. And if you ever obtain tired of playing Counter-Strike you can always try something different like Unturned.

Thank you for reviewing us as well as make sure to examine What if gaming to find out about the best gaming information and also options. Leave a comment and also allow us to know your ideas.