10 Best Vertical Mouse 2021 Buying Guide

The best vertical mice ought to help in reducing stress on your wrist because of their ergonomic form. Some vertical computer mice are wireless, normally coming with a receiver or Bluetooth support to help reduce the cord. Our leading choice is the Anker AK-UBA Wireless Vertical Mouse. It has a comfy and small wireless design, buttons to control the level of sensitivity, and also works for months with a pair of AAA batteries.

If a vertical mouse doesn’t match you, take a look at our checklist of the very best ergonomic mice as well as you make sure to discover an excellent option. Continue reading to see the best vertical mice.

An upright computer mouse permits you to hold your hand in a comfy handshake setting as well as decrease the danger of getting repetitive strain injury as well as some related issues brought on by recurring pressure.

10 Best Vertical Mouse 2021 Reviews

Below, you can find out more about such tools and also locate the very best model that would certainly have the form and also features most beneficial to your demands.

Protect your hands from lasting damages as well as obtain a tool that is shown to be comfy and also risk-free even for users with injuries.

With any of these ergonomic upright mouse versions, you can conveniently surf, function, and also play just as you would with a regular controller only with much less stress.

J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse

J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse

This cordless upright mouse not only makes your workdesk neater but also cares for your health and wellness as well as provides efficient performance.

With such a body, the mouse is easier to relocate. You can deal with less stress that specifically comes to be recognizable in the future. The connection is developed with the 2.4 G USB Transceiver that makes it secure and also enables it to change quickly.

There are two sister versions of various dimensions to make certain that any type of individual can find something comfy to the hold. The gadget likewise includes the 1.5 V/AA battery that will certainly last you long as well as can conveniently be replaced at any moment.

  • Comfortable ergonomic shape
  • Compact build
  • Smaller and larger models
  • Colorful designs
  • Lacks a palm rest

Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Vertical Wireless Trackball

Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Trackball Mouse

It is the most effective vertical mouse with a trackball that positions your hand at a comfortable 60 ° tilt and supports the forearm as well as wrist at a natural and also restful position. Under your fingers, you will be finding 9 programmable switches.

The gadget can keep a simultaneous link with three computer systems or tablets. Two of them have to sustain Bluetooth 5.0 and also one can be supplied with a 2.4 GHz dongle. The trackball can be degreased and also disinfected with ease as a result of the ejection switch.

It makes certain that you get one of the most specific and smooth performances in any way times. A set of AA batteries can procure as high as 1.5 years of service. The indicator will be warning you when the replacement is needed.

  • Ergonomic body
  • Convenient angle
  • Lots of programmable buttons
  • Great build quality
  • Not for small hands
  • No palm rest

TRELC Ergonomic Mouse

TRELC Ergonomic Mouse

The meticulously crafted functional designs of this vertical gaming mouse lower the pressure of long hours of control. Substituting your normal computer mouse with this one will certainly help you enhance any existing pain or injury in the hand as well as wrist, or otherwise prevent their advancement.

This computer mouse has a 5 Direction Rocker incorporated particularly for the satisfaction of players that will certainly currently have the ability to improve their performance. The greatest efficiency can be attained in FPS, MOBA, MMO, as well as a couple of other types of games.

The impressive variety of switches can be conveniently and also swiftly set up to do whatever activities are one of the most important. The very same puts on the lovely RGB color-changing lamp belt that can expand the game’s ambiance with its modes.

  • Programmable buttons
  • 5 Direction rocker
  • Comfortable and natural grip
  • Preset RGB illumination
  • Weak design for WSAD controls
  • Should have a palm rest

Jelly Comb Ergonomic Mice

Jelly Comb Optical Gaming Mice

This upright mouse is especially advised to those that have some injury to their wrist or invest extensive hours at the computer taking the chance of acquiring one.

It uses three ways of connection. A committed button permits prompt switching in between these modes as well as comfortable work with a number of devices at the same time.

The computer mouse, unlike numerous other rivals, is provided with its own rechargeable battery that is safer for the environment. After only one hour of billing, you will have the ability to function conveniently for roughly 2 months.

The DPI switch turns in between three different modes, hence permitting you to immediately adjust to the present tool or activity.

  • Science-based body shape
  • Short charging time
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Triple connectivity
  • No palm rest

LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse

Ergonomic LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse

This is an uncommon upright mouse design designed exclusively for left-handed individuals. The body is ergonomic as well as provided with the grasps that adhere to the contour of your fingers as well as your hand. It helps them think in a restful setting that will certainly not cause pressure throughout the lengthy hrs of job or play. Its only defect is the lack of ability to collaborate with Apple items.

Besides the basic 2 buttons as well as a clickable wheel, you likewise get a DPI switch programmed to circle around three setups and back and onward browsing switches.

Every little thing is quickly at your reach, which significantly reduces the danger of damage from recurring motions. The switch below allows you to save the battery by transforming the computer mouse off. But it switches instantly after 8 minutes of lack of exercise.

  • Exclusively for left-handers
  • Easy-access use
  • Preserves power
  • Compact design
  • Palm rest is absent
  • Not supported by Apple gadgets

Kensington Pro Fit Full-Size Wireless Mouse

Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Trackball Mouse

It is the best vertical mouse of this brand due to an extremely comfortable 46.7-degree incline of the body offered with an expansion to put your little finger at as well as stay clear of the squishing feeling some designs create.

You get the broadened performance out of the 6 switches that, apart from the necessary fundamentals, have the back/forward buttons and also a DPI button. The little receiver holds the connection at a 20-meter array as well as can be saved within for transportation.

The gadget runs on an AA battery that can power it for half a year. As soon as the charge is going out, the indicator will see to it you understand this.

  • Comfortable contoured slope
  • Low charge indicator
  • Plug-and-Play nano receiver
  • Extended support for little finger
  • No support for palm
  • Battery change is required

Acedada Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Acedada Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

This model is shaped to preserve your hand in the handshake position that is beneficial to the wrist. The vertical computer mouse assesses the case that it is virtually soundless, which makes it the ideal option for lengthy hours of residence usage.

The body is developed to provide improved assistance to the hand, properly accommodating medium as well as big hands. It minimizes the dangers of stress and also cramping the wrist muscle mass.

The 400mAh Li battery makes the computer mouse environmentally friendly with the possibility to charge through the USB cord. The trustworthy 2.4 GHz cordless connection holds to a distance of 15 meters as well as can be established quickly with all supported computer systems.

  • Large size for bigger hands
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Additional features
  • Noiseless mechanics
  • No palm rest
  • Unsupported by Mac or Apple products

Evoluent VMDMW Vertical Mouse

Evoluent VMDS Vertical Mouse

This fascinating upright computer system mouse went even more with the layout as well as made the buttons grooved for additional comfort and also added support. The superficial grooves under your fingertips allow you to adjust the tool with more accuracy while putting less effort.

The comfy tilt of the computer mouse provides the wrist a relaxing posture. The lengthened bottom skirt safeguards your little finger from scrubbing on the desk surface.

The switch positioning is precisely determined, eliminating the need to shift the thumb for clicking them. An additional pointer speed switch is placed conveniently behind the wheel, permitting you to adjust instantaneously to various jobs. Plus, you have the indications that reveal to you which speed setting is energetic.

  • Extended Lip
  • Comfortable grooves
  • Easy-to-reach button placement
  • Pointer speed indicators
  • Absence of palm rest
  • Disposable batteries

Newtral Wireless Left Handed Semi-Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Newtral Wireless Left Handed Semi-Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

For users that are prevented by the upright models, the milder tilt of this ergonomic upright mouse could be extra agreeable. With its shape, your fingers assume a very natural as well as loosened up curl, resting just over the buttons.

Detachable palm support can be clipped on with the help of magnets that secure instantly. It aids safeguard the wrist in a stationary setting and also job by moving the arm around. Such a feature, specifically provided with the conditioning gel pad, can bring much more alleviation to those who deal with discomfort.

The computer mouse is produced in three sizes, so you will have much more convenience when you select your very own.

  • Allows natural curled hand grip
  • 3 different sizes
  • Detachable palm support
  • Silicone Gel pad
  • Some dislike the mild tilt

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

This wonderful upright computer system mouse is extremely comfortable, light-weight, and likewise fairly inexpensive. It operates on a wireless link and also has a low power intake. Its body is made to eliminate any stress as well as prevent creating discomfort to individuals with injuries.

The two additional switches and a clickable wheel make surfing exceptionally convenient and also raise working efficiency. The battery conserving setting allows you to be carefree as well as extends the job of each battery. The tool enters the sleep setting after 8 mins of stillness and also activates itself just after a click.

  • Science-backed ergonomic design
  • Easy-access use
  • Optical tracking technology
  • Energy preservation mode
  • Lacks a rest for the palm
  • Powered by batteries

How to Choose an Ergonomic Vertical Mouse?

The best vertical mouse incorporates resilience, high responsiveness as well as the comfort of use. However, for each customer, the design representing all these would be various. For a successful option of a mouse, have a look at the following essential factors.


The body of the mouse needs to be sized appropriately to your hand for the pressure alleviation to be substantial. The capability to control the tool with the greatest performance additionally matters. If your hand dimension is close to the either severe, you will need to place more care into the selection.


The leading factor for presenting a vertical layout is to aid those customers who experience wrist pains or go to risk of establishing them as a result of their job. This position is extra natural and requires much less movement. Including an encouraging ergonomic layout substantially decreases the threat of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


The upright ergonomic computer mouse is hardly worth getting if it is so complex that you can not work productively with it. Ensure you are purchasing something that’s simple to link and instinctive to adjust, along with natural to hold.

Flexible DPI

This idea means the length of the course the cursor takes a trip as you make a tiny activity with the controller. A devoted button makes it simple to lengthen or reduce that course in a click. Therefore, it instantly readjusts for various atmospheres, which is rather beneficial in gaming as well as a few other areas.

Additional Buttons

Work can be done much faster if your controller has extra buttons for the most frequently done activities. The additionals can have different positioning and feature features currently appointed to them. So, it is needed to focus on the summaries.

It’s also important to ensure that anywhere these switches are positioned is convenient for your hand to get to. Or else, the tool will certainly be doing you extra harm than great both in performance and also wellness. Likewise, examine if the switches can be programmed to better fit your style of job.


If you’re a leftie, you will need to be cautious with this type of controller since some will be unusable. Search for either the specially made models, or the ambidextrous ones that are equally useful in any hand.

Wired or Wireless

A wired upright computer mouse comes just with the advantage of never requiring a cost. The wireless versions allow more freedom of use and transportation. If you scan the marketplace, you will see more models of this kind because users are elevating their needs.

Vertical Mouse (FAQs)

What is a vertical computer mouse?
Reasonably, this is rather a tilted than an upright computer mouse, developed to maintain your hand in a handshake position while you function. Science entered into constructing this peculiar shape. The result has actually already shown to be much more saving on the wrist, minimizing the pain and tiredness significantly.
Are trackball mice better?
A trackball simply takes some time to return to the self-confidence and rate of use due to the altered means of control. As soon as you’re reoriented, this device comes to be equivalent in precision to the routine computer mouse and definitely is better than a trackpad. As a matter of fact, this was the recommended type of controller with the very early graphics developers.
Is a vertical mouse better for carpal tunnel?
This kind of device is simply excellent, not just for those who wish to prevent this trouble and also preserve their wellness yet additionally for those that currently have this problem as well as need to take additional care. However, you can inspect special carpal passage computer mice created to manage such an issue.
Are vertical mice good for gaming?
When it comes to the equipment itself, both types are identical in inefficiency. Depending on the model, you can match both the responsiveness as well as the additional attributes of a high-end gaming mouse to the vertical one.