Corsair M55 RGB Pro Wired Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse Review

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The Corsair M55 RGB Pro is a gaming mouse that has an ambidextrous design and two sets of side buttons, making it suitable for people with larger hands. The performance here isn’t too shabby; in fact its sensor behaves differently depending on your speed so you can adjust accordingly without having much trouble at all!

On top if this great feature list we have low click latency coupled by super light weight while still being rather large (though not as big) than most competitors’ models which might be more comfortable or desirable according to who’s using them – either way I think everyone will enjoy what the company offers within their product range.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Review

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Wired Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse - 12,400 DPI Adjustable Sensor - 8...

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The Microsoft Intellimouse is a good, yet not great mouse. It has an ergonomic design that may be better suited for some people than others due to its style preference or where on your desk it’ll eventually live at home and work respectively; this makes sense considering you need both hands free in order to operate one!

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There’s also enough buttons available with these devices if you’re looking into increasing productivity through physical actions rather than just using Windows 10 gestures which we all know are pretty handy sometimes too 😉 As far as build quality goes across different sizes of users: “The Right Sizes Stick Together.”

The mouse is a lightweight and responsive FPS. The click latency feels very low, allowing for quick reflexes in game play; it has two side buttons on each hand which gives you more inputs of an input device than some other mice with just one or three fingers per button (or switch). CPI range can be customized between 12000 – 16000 depending what type of shooter games players enjoy playing such as first-person shooters like Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

The Corsair M55 RGB Pro is a great mouse for MMO games, but it’s not as good because the two sets of side buttons can’t be programmed to perform any actions. It will still provide extra inputs when gaming and feels responsive even though there are other options available that offer better ways on how you control your character or what abilities they have at their disposal in-game.

The Corsair M55 RGB Pro is a lightweight mouse designed for ultra-light gaming. It’s surprisingly light when you eliminate the weight of cable, but won’t be as Lightweight or have better Sensor than other mice specifically made to take this into consideration such as those with honeycomb patterns on them because they are not meant to basically anything else besides being small and cheap anyways which we all know what they’re capable at doing!

The M55 RGB Pro is not designed to be portable. It’s a heavy, wired gaming mouse that will cause the bagginess in your laptop and make it hard fit for traveling with you on-the go!

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Style

The Corsair M55 RGB Pro is a sleek, symmetrical mouse with two side buttons on each side. It also features lighting and customizable colors in CPI settings; you can choose from one of three modes: color cycle (timer), animation effects or solid brightness levels for your desired effect! Plus there are rubber grips to prevent slippage during gameplay sessions – it’s perfect if speed matters most when playing games competitively.”

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Weight

The M55 is not too heavy if you use a bungee to get rid of the weight on your cable. However, there’s no optimization for efficiency in terms of how much power it uses and where those energies come from!

Maximum Weight With Wire: 120 g
Maximum Weight Without Wire: 89 g
Minimum Weight Without Wire: 89 g
Weight Distribution: Centered
Extra Weights: No

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Build Quality

The Corsair M55 RGB Pro is a well-built mouse that falls short of perfection. The whole body, from the solid plastic to its rubber grips feels just slightly cheap under moderate pressure and there’s no denying how easy it will be for most people in this situation: click any button on their way out with precision accuracy thanks mostly due at least some part owed only because they’re clicking an Incremental scroll wheel which has softer increments than what might’ve been expected; even those who don’t want something so sensitive could find joy here if you use more deliberative gestures rather than rapid motions while scrolling up or down through pages upon pages’ worth information quickly
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Corsair M55 RGB Pro Comfort of Use

The ergonomics of this mouse are excellent. With its long and large body, it can accommodate many different hand grips – from small to wide ones without any problem at all! This design is also fully ambidextrous thanks to two side buttons on each side as well as an invertable left/right click button that you’ll find within the software. If wired gaming with comparable weight but right handed shape sounds good then I recommend checking out Corsair HARPOON RGB PRO instead.

Right-handed: No
Left-handed: No
Ambidextrous: Yes
Coating: Matte
Finger Rest: No

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Wireless Versatility

This mouse is wired-only and can’t be used wirelessly. That means if you want to use it as a wireless device, then make sure that your PC has an Ethernet port or something similar for connecting the cable from this mouse into instead of Bluetooth signals!

Bluetooth: No
Receiver: No
Battery Type: No Batteries
Use When Charging: No
On/Off Activation: None
Receiver Extender: No
Battery Indicator: No

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Sensor Specifications

For those looking for a wired gaming mouse, with an adjustable CPI range and no minimum lift-off distance, the ROCCAT Kain 100 AIMO might be right up your alley. If precision is what you crave though either in terms of tracking accuracy or optical sensor performance consider checking out HyperX’s Pulsefire Surge instead!

Sensor Technology: Optical (LED)
Sensor Model: PixArt PMW3327
Works On Glass: No
Minimum CPI (DPI): 200 CPI
Maximum CPI (DPI): 12,400 CPI
CPI (DPI) Adjustment Steps: 100 CPI
CPI (DPI) Variation: -11%
Minimum Lift Off Distance: 3.6 mm
Maximum Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Buttons

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that has hot-swappable left and right click buttons, look no further than the ASUS ROG Chakram Core. With its extensive customization options in Corsair’s Software (based on CPI button), it is easily one of their most customizable mice ever made!

Buttons Activation: Mechanical
Total Number Of Buttons: 8
Number Of Side Buttons: 4
Number Of Programmable Inputs: 8
Profile Switching Button: Yes
CPI (DPI) Switching Buttonv Yes
Gesture Support: No

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