Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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The Logitech G403 Wireless is a great gaming mouse. It’s really similar to the Logitech G Pro Wireless, although it has an extra inclined style for right-hand users. Its sensing unit performance is outstanding and it’s fully personalized in the Logitech G HUB software.

This mouse features complete RGB lighting and also in general, it’s very comfy for hand grasp users. However, its form is additionally fit for claw and fingertip grasps, but just if you have larger hands. Generally, it’s a well-shaped mouse, as well as while there are some reports of quality assurance concerns with the scroll wheel rattling on units from the very first set; we didn’t experience this with our unit.

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mice Review

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse with High Performance Gaming Sensor

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The Logitech G403 Wireless is a terrific workplace mouse. Its shape is very comfy to utilize throughout your workday as well as must be tough adequate to last you a while. It has a few programmable switches which can make workflow a bit more fluid and also the cordless layout can assist in decluttering your workdesk area.

The Logitech G403 Wireless is a great video gaming mouse for FPS games. It could not be the lightest alternative out there, however, it’s very durable as well as has superb performance. It feels responsive with an extremely low click latency and also is totally adjustable inside its software program. It’s much better suited for palm grip individuals, but its shape is still comfy for a claw or fingertip grip if you have larger hands.

The Logitech G403 Wireless is a terrific gaming mouse for MMO video games. While it might not have as numerous side switches as a devoted MMO mouse, its efficiency is still excellent and it’s really comfortable to utilize throughout extended periods.

The Logitech G403 Wireless isn’t made to be an ultra-light video gaming mouse. It’s relatively hefty, but its performance is incredible, and also the wireless layout removes wire drag.

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The Logitech G403 Wireless is a passable travel mouse. Its wireless style is great to make use of in difficult situations like on an aircraft or the train, however, there’s no storage compartment inside the mouse’s body to keep its receiver when you’re on the move. On the advantage, it’s really solid and must last you a while.

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mice Style

The Logitech G403 Wireless is a sleek-looking mouse, like most Logitech mice. It features two RGB zones on the back logo and also the scroll wheel as well as features a matte black finish on its body. It has the very same design as the Logitech G Pro Wireless but in a much more ergonomic and also slanted style.

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mice Weight

This wireless mouse is fairly hefty. It also features a single 10g weight if you favor an even more large feeling. For those who want the lightest alternative possible, you can eliminate the cover to drop one more 3g.

Maximum Weight With Wire: 163 g
Maximum Weight Without Wire: 117 g
Minimum Weight Without Wire: 104 g
Weight Distribution: Front-heavy
Extra Weights: Yes

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mice Build Quality

Like a lot of Logitech mice, the G403 wireless gaming mouse really feels fairly solid. It’s made of plastic, there aren’t any kind of rattling parts, and also the click buttons really feel resilient as well as gratifying. While there are on the internet reports of wiggling as well as rattling on the scroll wheel, our system does not have these problems.

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mice Comfort of Use

The Logitech G403 Wireless is a very comfortable mouse. It has a right-slanted design with great curves, which makes it better matched for right-handed individuals. The side buttons are big and also convenient too. The mouse click switches likewise really feel rewarding.

Right-handed: Yes
Left-handed: No
Ambidextrous: No
Coating: Matte
Finger Rest: No

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mice Wireless Versatility

The Logitech G403 wireless gaming mouse has a USB receiver, yet can’t be made use of using Bluetooth. You can still use the mouse when it’s charging, which is nice. The scroll wheel likewise acts as a battery life indicator when transforming the mouse on, and it then switches to whatever lights pre-programmed you have. The advertised battery life is around 1 day with illumination on, and also 32 hrs without lights, although we do not check this. If you desire a cordless mouse with Bluetooth support, have a look at the Corsair DARK CORE RGB PRO.

Bluetooth: No
Receiver: Yes
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Use When Charging: Yes
On/Off Activation: Auto Off And On/Off Switch
Receiver Extender: Yes
Battery Indicator: Yes

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mice Sensor Specifications

Sensor Technology: Optical (LED)
Sensor Model: PixArt PMW3366
Works On Glass: No
Minimum CPI (DPI): 50 CPI
Maximum CPI (DPI): 12000 CPI
CPI (DPI) Adjustment Steps: 50 CPI
CPI (DPI) Variation: -7 %
Minimum Lift-Off Distance: 1.2 mm
Maximum Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mice Buttons

We raised the total number of programmable inputs by one. We inaccurately detailed that you can not reprogram the left button without assigning the left click action to an additional switch, yet you can reprogram the button.

This gaming mouse has a normal layout with 2 side switches. They allow, well-positioned, and also easy to use. It also has a CPI switch over right beneath the scroll wheel. All the buttons can be reprogrammed inside the software application.

Buttons Activation: Mechanical
Total Number Of Buttons: 6
Number Of Side Buttons: 2
Number Of Programmable Inputs: 11
Profile Switching Button: Yes
CPI (DPI) Switching Button: Yes
Gesture Support: No

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse Driver and Software Download for Windows & Os

Logitech G403 Vehicle Driver and also Software Application Download And Install. Logitech G403 Wireless is the best gaming mouse. It’s extremely comparable to Logitech G Pro Wireless, although it has a more slanted design for right-handed customers. Sensor performance is impressive as well as totally personalized in the Logitech G CENTER software application.

This mouse has complete RGB illumination functions and generally, is extremely hassle-free for hand individuals. However, the form is also appropriate for claws and fingertip grasps, however only if you have larger hands. Overall, this is around a mouse, and while there are some records of quality assurance problems with the scroll wheels rattling on the devices of the initial set; We didn’t experience this with our unit.

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse HUB for Windows

VersionOSSizeLast UpdateDownload
2020.11.9270Win 7 – Win 8 – Win 1040.3 MB2020-11-20Download

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse HUB for Mac OS

VersionOSSizeLast UpdateDownload
2020.11.9270macOS 10.15 – macOS 10.14 – macOS 10.1329.3 MB2020-11-20Download

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